Planning Permits

The Planning Permit applications are available on our Applications page. The requirements below will assist applicants in submitting the necessary documents.

Application Submittal Requirements

  • Administrative Design Review
    Application for the following projects: additions to single-family residences, accessory structures higher than ten feet, and fences, walls, or hedges between six and eight feet in height.
  • Annexation
    To change the jurisdiction of a parcel from another jurisdiction (i.e. the County or other city) to the City of Pleasanton.
  • Conditional Use Permit
    Allows specific uses not otherwise allowed in a zoning district, subject to review by the Planning Commission, and if the use can meet certain conditions.
  • Condominium Conversion
    To subdivide apartment buildings, apartment complexes, mobile home parks, and commercial/office complexes into individually owned units.
  • Design Review
    This application applies to exterior modifications of commercial and industrial buildings and some residential projects (additions, re-painting, landscaping removal, new custom homes, etc.)
  • Historic Preservation
    Historic preservation policies, regulations, and processes that apply to residential buildings in residentially zoned properties in the Downtown Specific Plan Area.
  • Lot Line Adjustment
    This application is required to move a property line between two or more existing adjacent lots or parcels without creating a new lot. 
  • Minor Conditional Use Permit
    Allows specific uses not otherwise allowed in the zoning district, subject to review by the Zoning Administrator, and if the use can meet certain conditions.
  • Outdoor Dining Permit
    An Outdoor Dining Permit Application is required for any outdoor dining use.
  • Personal Wireless Service Facilities
    To install an antenna that provides coverage for cell phones to send and receive signals.
  • Planned Unit Development
    Required for establishing a new PUD Zoning District.
  • Planned Unit Development - Modifications
    To modify a Planned Unit Development
  • Preliminary Review
    To request direction and initial determinations on complex projects, special circumstances, and/or ambiguous code/standards.
  • Sign Design Review
    Required for review of signage that does not conform to established sign criteria or where no sign program has been approved.
  • Small Cell Wireless Facilities - Checklist
  • Small Cell Wireless Facilities - Supplemental Requirements
  • Subdivision
    Required for dividing a parcel of land into smaller buildable sites.
  • Variance
    Application for an exemption from compliance with the terms or conditions of a building or zoning regulation or ordinance.