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Business Resources

Business Assistance Programs

Economic Development Department staff provides business assistance services designed to help guide companies. From application to approval to completion, we offer programs to assist and work with you to get your business open. Programs are described below and in our business assistance brochure.

Expedited Processing

  • Expedited plan check review process available to businesses interested in paying a premium for faster review by professionals with whom we partner
  • Arranged through the Building Division concurrently with submittal for Plan Check Review.
  • For more information, contact the Building Division.

Sewer Connection Fee Financing

Sewer connection fees can comprise a significant cost in establishing or growing a business. Two programs are available to alleviate this up-front expense.

  • Dublin San Ramon Services District (DSRSD), the regional water services agency, offers business located in Pleasanton an alternative financing program for regional sewer connection fees between $25,000 and $100,000. Business requests are approved by the Economic Development Department and payment arrangements are coordinated through the Building and Finance departments at the time a building permit is issued.

Business Resources

The City recognizes that starting and growing a business takes a variety of resources. Economic Development Department staff can assist in identifying organizations and agencies that address the needs of a company.

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Business Assistance Organizations

Economic Development Department staff is available to answer questions, troubleshoot potential challenges and guide businesses to the appropriate staff and resources.

The City works closely with organizations in supporting the needs of its commercial enterprises with more than 53,000 employees in Pleasanton’s thriving business community. 

Discover the Local Organizations

Grant Programs

To assist Pleasanton businesses experiencing financial loss of income due to the pandemic, the City Council approved a special $3 million fund to provide Business Assistance programs for local businesses. See eligibility requirements and restrictions for programs available to Pleasanton businesses.

Downtown Parklet Grant Program


The Downtown Parklet Grant Program provides financial assistance to eating establishments and retailers in the Downtown district interested in while maintaining safety, accessibility and design standards consistent with the Downtown district.

See the SUMMARY for eligibility & requirements, eligible expenses, application process and review process. 

*Grant eligibility requires that the business is an approved Downtown Parklet. Refer to the “Planning” tab in the Permit Types section for information.

Outdoor Dining Installation Grant Program


The Outdoor Dining Installation Grant Program provides financial assistance to eating establishments interested in constructing a semi-permanent outdoor dining area. The program will reimburse eligible expenses incurred by the business related to the design and installation of an outdoor eating area.

See the SUMMARY for eligibility & requirements, eligible expenses, application process and review process.

*Grant eligibility requires that the business obtains the necessary permits from the City of Pleasanton. Refer to the “Planning” tab in the Permit Types section for information. 

Employer Commute Programs

Employer Commute Programs aims to encourage and educate Pleasanton employers and employees on the benefits of using commute alternatives to reduce or eliminate trips, helping to improve circulation and air quality. Employers that register in the Employer Commute Programs program may receive the following assistance to encourage the use of commute alternatives to the workplace.
  • Guaranteed Ride Home — The Alameda County GRH Program offers a FREE ride home via taxi for commute alternative users who are stranded in case of an emergency or unscheduled change in their work schedule.
  • Try Transit Program — This program offers the employee who is looking for another commute option a FREE trip to and from work on BART or WHEELS. A limited amount of free tickets are provided to member companies on a monthly or annual basis or as needed. Distribution method is at the employer’s discretion.
  • On-site Transportation Information Visits/Mini-Fairs — Education for your employees on commute options. The City can assist in connecting individuals with transportation resources such as 511 Rideshare, transit providers and more.
  • Bike to Work Day Campaign — Join the City of Pleasanton, other local cities and employers to promote bicycling in the Tri-Valley. Each May on the second Thursday, we celebrate Bike to Work Day by setting up energizer stations at various locations throughout the city to reward cyclists for bicycling that morning with refreshments, free t-shirts and goody bags filled with business-sponsored bike safety items.
  • Bicycle Friendly Business — Are you a Bicycle Friendly Business?  The League of American Bicyclists recognizes employers for their efforts to encourage a welcoming atmosphere for bicycling employees, customers and the community.  Businesses are evaluated around the 4 E’s: Engineering, Encouragement, Education and Evaluation and Planning.  Employers are awarded at the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels and recognized in a national press release, through the League’s social media and on the League’s interactive awards map.  Apply today to be a Bicycle Friendly Business!
  • Employer Commute Survey — The City conducts a citywide Transportation Survey to provide information for creating and maintaining the success of your transportation program.
  • Assistance on developing or expanding your transportation program – Learn how to design an employee transportation program, conduct a survey, market your program and more.
  • Develop Program Guides – The city has guides on Preferential Parking, Telecommuting and Alternative Working Hours.
  • Transportation Updates – Stay informed on the latest transportation issues, incentives, services and legislation.
  • Recognition – The city recognizes employers with outstanding employee programs.

Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program

City staff can assist employers in meeting the requirements of the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program.

Bay Area employers with 50 or more employees are now required to register and offer commuter benefits to their employees by September 30, 2014 to comply with the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program. Through this program, to comply with Bay Area Air Quality Management District Regulation 14, Rule 1 employers must offer their employees one of four Commuter Benefit options.

  • Option 1 — Allow employees to exclude their transit or vanpool costs from taxable income, to the maximum amount, as allowed by federal law (currently $130 per month)
  • Option 2 — Employer-provided transit or vanpool subsidy up to $75 per month
  • Option 3 — Employer-provided free or low cost bus, shuttle or vanpool service operated by or for the employer
  • Option 4 — An alternative employer-provided commuter benefit that is as effective as in reducing single occupant vehicles as Options 1-3

Transportation Survey

The Employer & Residential Commute survey assesses current commute patterns and commuter preferences and provides the City with valuable, up-to-date information to assist in developing programs which encourage alternative commute habits, resulting in improved traffic flow and air quality. The data can also provide valuable insight for consideration by the City’s Traffic Engineering and Planning Divisions. Over the years, data from these surveys has enabled the department to develop and implement a variety of transportation and commuter incentive programs, campaigns and events. These programs are available to employers through the City’s Employer Commute Programs.

View the 2017 Employee & Residential Transportation Survey