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Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan sets a progressive path for Pleasanton for the next five years, from 2023 through 2028. The plan will be integrated with the City’s annual budget development, the capital project planning process, and other plans and programs to align strategies with resources to deliver successful outcomes. This Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap, reflecting City Council policy direction to achieve five key goals:

  • Funding Our Future: Fiscal Sustainability
  • Optimizing Our Organization: Organizational Effectiveness
  • Investing in Our Environment: Infrastructure, Public Facilities, and Sustainability
  • Safeguarding Our City: Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
  • Building a Community Where Everyone Belongs: Livability and Community Development

Strategic Plan

A progressive path for Pleasanton for the next five years, from 2023 through 2028.

The City Council adopted the strategic plan in October 2023, which includes a renewed vision, mission, values, and high-level goals. 

City Council Agenda Report – October 10, 2023

The Strategic Plan Explained

Strategic Plan Overview

Strategic planning is about identifying priorities for the City to balance the needs and interests of the community with resources available. Developing a longer-term plan that considers budget, staffing, infrastructure, project timelines and existing Citywide plans (such as the Climate Action Plan) and that also reflects our shared mission, vision and values, will provide an integrated and continuous approach to planning.

Strategic planning involves establishing a vision for the future and a clear mission, articulating the City’s values, establishing goals, identifying priority strategies and creating a plan of action to ensure timely results. The citywide Strategic Plan will include 3 main elements:

  • Mission
    • Vision
    • Values
  • Multi-Year Goals and Strategies
    • Implementation Action Plan
    • Budget Analysis
  • Priority-Setting Process
    • Replaces current Council Priority process
    • Tied to goals
While the City is obligated to deliver essential services, like public safety, permits, utilities and more (bottom of the pyramid), there are also critical emerging issues like homelessness, climate change and water availability for the City to address, in addition to delivering a wide variety of community amenities (tip of the pyramid). For the City to continue our daily work to deliver key services and also work to solve pressing problems and improve our City, we need to decide together what to prioritize.
Under the previous process, projects became a part of the two-year work plan and were categorized based on timing (i.e. projects to begin work in year one, year two, or as time allows). If projects were not completed in the two-year time frame they were considered to be carried over to the next two-year period. Going forward, the Strategic Plan will consider available resources as well as a shared vision, mission, values and other city plans to define priorities and set strategic goals across a five-year term, with scheduled adjustments as needed to adapt to changing circumstances.

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Strategic Plan

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