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PLEASANTON, Calif. – At its regular meeting on April 16, 2024, the City Council approved funding for projects that will repair various city sites that were damaged during the storms in early 2023. Th contract will include the design of three projects partially funded by FEMA and two City-funded storm infrastructure improvement projects that will […]

PLEASANTON, Calif. – City Manager Gerry Beaudin is pleased to announce the appointment of Xaviera Scoggins as the City’s Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations. Scoggins has been serving as interim director since early March, following the departure of Veronica Thomas from the position; she will formally begin her new role on April 8, […]

PLEASANTON, Calif. – City Manager Gerry Beaudin is pleased to announce the appointment of Chief Gina Anderson as interim police chief effective May 3, 2024, following the retirement of Police Chief David Swing. Chief Anderson began her law enforcement career as a Community Service Officer with the City of Davis in 1992. She was sworn […]

On March 26, 2024, Pleasanton Mayor Karla Brown delivered the annual State of the City address. This year’s theme was “ONE Pleasanton” and provided insight into the City’s new five-year strategic plan and its multi-year goals – building a community where everyone belongs, safeguarding our city, optimizing our organization, investing in our environment, and funding […]

PLEASANTON, Calif. — Police Chief David Swing has accepted the Executive Director position of the East Bay Regional Communications System Authority (EBRCSA). He will retire from the City of Pleasanton in April and is expected to start with EBRCSA in May 2024. EBRCSA was created in September 2007 with the formation of a Joint Powers […]

PLEASANTON, Calif. – City Manager Gerry Beaudin is pleased to announce the appointment of Siew-Chin Yeong as the City’s Director of Public Works following a competitive recruitment process. Yeong’s first day with the City will be March 25, 2024. “We are pleased to have Siew-Chin join the City’s executive team. Her expertise in budget management, […]

Pleasanton Residents – Share your Input! The City is facing tough choices and we want to hear from you before important decisions are made. City leaders are exploring options to address these challenges responsibly and with community support. One option under consideration is to ask voters to consider authorizing a modest increase to the local […]

With the rainy season in full swing and more storms in the forecast, now is the time to prepare your home or business. Around the house – clear storm drains, secure outdoor items, trim overhanging branches, and clean gutters In your car – Check wiper blades, tires and brakes Personal preparedness – Get rain gear […]

At approximately 9:40 p.m. on Thursday, January 11, 2024, the City of Pleasanton was alerted to a water main break at the northern end of Kilkare Road in Sunol. Crews arrived on site and closed the line near 670 Kilkare Road. An AC Alert was sent to residents in the area alerting them of the water main break and water shut off at 10:41 p.m. The City is working to excavate the affected water main to determine the extent of the damage and make necessary repairs.

The City’s official Facebook page was recently compromised, and City staff have since determined that the best path forward is to develop a brand-new page to serve as the community’s go-to source for up-to-date, factual information on the social media platform. And in an effort to expand its social presence and share important information with […]

The City of Pleasanton’s official Facebook page has been compromised by unauthorized individuals. We are actively working to resolve this issue and secure the page. Please be cautious of any unusual posts or messages that may appear on our page during this time. At this point, all other City pages appear to be unaffected. We […]

Pleasanton, CA – On November 16, 2023, the City will launch a new citywide website designed to offer an improved and user-friendly experience for residents, visitors, and anyone looking to know more about what is going on in Pleasanton. This update aligns with the City’s new 5-year strategic plan’s goal of optimizing our organization by […]

PLEASANTON, Calif. — The City of Pleasanton has been awarded three separate grants, which will support the Pleasanton Library’s efforts to expand access to in-demand services and introduce new programs to engage underserved communities. Each of these grants will serve to advance the City’s ONE Pleasanton Strategic Plan goal of Building a Community Where Everyone […]

Pleasanton, CA – At its Oct. 17, 2023 meeting, the Pleasanton City Council approved a plan to construct two new groundwater wells that will meet the City’s long-term water needs and maintain local control to ensure safe, reliable drinking water. In September 2022, the City Council directed City staff to suspend the evaluation of the […]

Pleasanton, CA – At its Oct. 17, 2023 meeting, the Pleasanton City Council approved conceptual plans to refresh and invest in amenities at downtown Lions Wayside and Delucchi Parks. The updated plans focus on improvements to the parks that are within the available project budget of approximately $1.9 million. The selected design includes a new […]

PLEASANTON, Calif. — The City is launching its first Pleasanton Community Academy, with classes starting in January 2024. Designed so that participants will “Engage, Participate, and Discover”, the program will provide a unique opportunity for community members to expand their understanding of local government. The Pleasanton Community Academy will consist of five sessions, each designed […]

PLEASANTON, Calif. — At the October 3 meeting, the Pleasanton City Council approved its first-ever 5-Year Citywide Strategic Plan, ONE Pleasanton. This landmark initiative reflects the City’s commitment to long-term planning, sustainability, and the overall well-being of its residents. The ONE Pleasanton Strategic Plan is the result of a months-long collaboration that brought together the […]

Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Ban Ordinance Virtual Community Meeting The City Council’s adopted Work Plan identified as a priority action to adopt a City ordinance banning the use of gas-powered leaf blowers in Pleasanton. The City will be hosting two virtual community meetings for the public to learn more about the upcoming draft ordinance. Staff will […]

The City of Pleasanton recently presented the results of the 2023 Community Survey to determine community satisfaction and overall public opinion regarding City Services. The survey also addressed topics such as resident perceptions of the overall quality of life in Pleasanton, top concerns facing Pleasanton, and contact with City departments and facilities. Several notable survey […]

The City is undertaking multiple projects to address water supply and quality in Pleasanton to deliver safe, reliable drinking water to 22,000 customers by complying with all state and federal guidelines  and regulatory requirements. View information on our near and long-term water supply and quality projects, and an update on funding for them from the […]