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The City of Pleasanton is committed to building a more sustainable and resilient future for our community. Our city is dedicated to preserving and protecting our natural resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting sustainable land use and transportation. As Pleasanton continues to grow and thrive, we aim to create an inclusive and fair community where all residents have access to opportunities, services, and a high quality of life. 

We are dedicated to supporting a thriving local economy that offers diverse job opportunities, encourages innovation, and bolsters small businesses. Both the City and community are working together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build resiliency against climate change within our community. Pleasanton’s sustainability efforts work to maintain a vibrant, healthy, and sustainable community for generations to come.

Find out more about the new Leaf Blower Restrictions.

Leaf Blower Restrictions

Per State law (AB 1346), beginning January 1, 2024, gas-powered leaf blowers cannot be sold in California. However, State law does not prohibit their use. Refer to Chapter 9.06: Leaf Blower Restrictions (O.2250) ordinance.

In December 2023, the City enacted restrictions banning the operation of gas-powered leaf blowers in Pleasanton. The City’s more restrictive ordinance takes effect June 1, 2024. The first three to six months will be focused on education and information rather than enforcement.

The City Council’s approval of the restrictions was motivated by several factors, but particularly focused on the documented public health and environmental benefits of transitioning to electric-powered equipment, including reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and particulate matter emissions, and reduced noise levels. Review the FAQs handout for more information.

The California Air Resources Board sets standards for manufacturing leaf blowers and offers a list of zero emission cordless leaf blowers on their website.


The ban applies to everyone, including City of Pleasanton operations.

Under state law (AB 1346), gas- powered leaf blowers cannot be sold in California as of January 1, 2024. Their use, however, is not banned statewide. 

Public health, environmental impacts, and noise were primary concerns of the City Council. Cost savings over time were also discussed among other considerations.

The City Council’ s adopted FY 2021/ 22- 2022/ 23 Work Plan included a priority action to adopt a City ordinance banning the use of gas- powered leaf blowers in Pleasanton. The City’ s adopted Climate Action Plan (CAP) 2.0 includes measures to electrify off- road equipment (e.g., leaf blowers) at the municipal level (Action P6) and community level (Action P7).

Environmental and health benefits, noise impacts, costs/financial impacts, equipment availability, and enforcement. A summary of key findings may be found in agenda report item 17 on the November 7, 2023, City Council meeting.

It is estimated to have an upfront cost to the City of $180,000. This includes: equipment, extra batteries, chargers, and infrastructure electrical upgrades. Over time, it is estimated to save the City money as it is less expensive to operate and maintain electric leaf blowers. The return on investment is estimated to be a year or less.

No, there are no specific time restrictions for leaf-blowers. All noise in the City of Pleasanton is subject to the City’s existing Noise Regulations (PMC Chapter 9.04).
The ban will be enforced per the Pleasanton Municipal Code (Chapter 9.06), which includes verbal warnings and fines. The responsible party may include the property owner on which the violation has occurred. For example, a landscape business conducting work on private property. The first three to six months will be focused on education and information rather than enforcement.