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Police Online Reporting System

If the incident you are reporting is an EMERGENCY use your telephone and dial 911 or if it requires immediate attention please contact us at (925) 931-5100 instead of reporting the incident online.

The Pleasanton Police Department’s online reporting system should only be used to report incidents that do not require immediate attention as the reporting system is not continuously monitored by police personnel. Using this system allows you to submit a police report immediately and to print a copy of the report for free.

Only the following incident types can be reported through the online reporting system: harassing or annoying phone calls, lost property, theft, theft from a vehicle, vehicle tampering and vandalism.

Please confirm the following to find out if online incident report is right for you:

  • This not an emergency.
  • This incident occurred within the Pleasanton city limits.
  • There are no known suspects.
  • The incident did not occur on a state freeway or highway.
  • There is no potential evidence to be collected at this time.

If the incident you are trying to report does not conform to the above criteria please contact us at (925) 931-5100.

Upon completion of this reporting process you will…

  1. See the words: “Your report has been submitted” showing that your report is complete and been submitted for review.
  2. Be given a case number.
  3. Be able to print a copy of the report to keep for your records. Instructions for Citizen Online Reporting


Please Note:

  • All incidents reported online will be reviewed by police personnel.
  • Once your report has been approved, a Pleasanton Police Department Case Number and a copy of the police report will be emailed to you.
  • If further investigation on your case is needed, you may be contacted by police personnel.
  • Reports that do not meet reporting requirements as specified above will be rejected.

WARNING: Be advised that intentionally making a false police report is a violation of California law and is subject to both criminal and civil penalties.

Your comments and suggestions regarding the Police Department’s Online Reporting System are very important to us, please let us know your thoughts and email us.