Free WiFi Access

Accessing the Library's Wireless Service

Portable devices with wireless adaptors have free wireless access in all areas of the Library. A wireless device can be a laptop, smartphone, tablet or some PDAs.

Many wireless devices will automatically sense when a new wireless network is available.

When this happens:

  • A pop-up box appears in the bottom right corner of the screen stating:
    “Wireless networks are available, click here to view wireless networks”.

You may have to manually detect the new wireless network:

  • To do this right click on the wireless icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to initiate the “View Wireless Networks” dialog popup.
  • This icon generally looks like a computer screen and a set of wavy lines. Your own wireless symbol may be different.
  • Choose "Pleasanton Public Library WiFi" and click "Connect", wait about 30 seconds or so and then open your web browser.
  • You will be prompted to accept the City of Pleasanton’s WiFi Use Policy by clicking through a ‘splash’ page.

No password or library card is needed for wireless service. Wireless service is available during all hours the building is open. The Library’s WiFi is an open, free, and unsecure connection. Use at your own risk. You are responsible for securing your device. Use security software. Use up to date antivirus software.