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Policies, Regulations & Fees

The City of Pleasanton coordinates various functions related to housing, including administration of the City’s various housing programs, as well as development of policies and planning for housing in the community

Housing Policy

The City of Pleasanton recognizes the value and importance of providing a diverse range of housing opportunities for all sectors of the population. Properly planning for the current and future housing needs of the community and particularly affordable housing, is an important priority, achieved through a range of key local planning and policy documents. 

In addition, the City of Pleasanton is involved in efforts at the regional level, with the Tri-Valley Cities of Danville, Dublin, Livermore and San Ramon, to actively engage with and advocate on housing issues and new housing legislation being developed for the Bay Area and California as a whole.

Local Housing Policy:  Key Reports, Documents and Resources

Below are a series of key planning and policy documents related to housing in Pleasanton:

For more information on residential zoning, planning and building requirements in Pleasanton, please visit the Community Development page.

Regional Housing Policy

The Tri-Valley cities of Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon and the Town of Danville (also described as the “Tri-Valley Cities”) value regional leadership and collaboration and recognize the challenge of providing adequate and affordable housing opportunities in the region. Recent efforts at the regional level and by State legislators have brought these challenges and the resultant policy implications for the Tri-Valley into sharper focus. 

There is a unique opportunity for the Tri-Valley Cities to work together, to develop a collaborative response to influence legislative efforts at the State towards outcomes that address housing needs, while respecting community character and desire for local decision making.

Key Documents and Resources

Housing-Related Development Regulations and Fees

In compliance with California Assembly Bill 1483, the City of Pleasanton has made a best effort to post development impact fees, annual AB1600 reports, nexus studies and other fee-related information about housing on a single webpage, with the goal of informing applicants about the overall costs and applicable regulations when developing housing projects. 

Please contact staff in the Building Division at (925) 931-5300 or the Planning Division at (925) 931-5600 in the event you are not able to locate something you are looking for and we would be happy to assist you.

AB1600 – Nexus Studies

AB1600 – Development Impact Fees

AB1600 – Reports