In 2011 the Pleasanton and Livermore police departments merged their Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) forming the East County Tactical Team (E.C.T.T.).

  • E.C.T.T. consists of members from both agencies who serve in one of three units within the team: S.W.A.T. Team, Sniper Team and Crisis Negotiations/Dispatch Team.
  • There are 21 members on the S.W.A.T. team including two Tactical Emergency Medicine Specialists.
  • The S.W.A.T. team trains 20 hours per month and participates in a variety of regional training exercises annually.
  • The team may be called out at any time to respond to critical incidents within both the Livermore and Pleasanton communities.

Sniper Team

The mission of the Sniper Team is to assist in the safe and peaceful resolution of critical incidents through stealth tactics and skill. The team:

  • Provides real-time intelligence and protection for citizens and law enforcement on-scene.
  • Consists of one Sergeant and five members.
  • Trains once per month as a team and minimally twice per year with the entire E.C.T.T.

Crisis Negotiators & Tactical Dispatchers

The Crisis Negotiators and Tactical Dispatchers are a key component of the E.C.T.T. The Negotiators communicate with suspects during critical incidents and always work toward a peaceful resolution. The Tactical Dispatchers:

  • Record all aspects of a critical incident, research data and provide intelligence to team members and leadership.
  • This team consists of 14 members who train together once per month and minimally twice per year with the entire East County Tactical Team.

East County Tactical Team

The E.C.T.T. is fully prepared to respond to any potentially life threatening situation or terrorist threat within either city.

  • Team members are trained to safely handle hostage rescue, barricaded suspects, high-risk search warrant service, surveillance, crowd control, executive protection and other specialized public safety functions.