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Your City Government

Pleasanton’s Council-Manager structure of government combines the leadership of elected officials with the managerial experience of an appointed City Manager. All power and authority to set policy rests with the City Council.

Pleasanton’s City Council consists of:

  • A Mayor, elected for a two-year term
  • Four Councilmembers, elected for four-year terms
  • The Mayor and Council are subject to term limits of eight years

Meet Pleasanton’s City Council.

City Council Responsibilities

The City Council serves as the governing body of the city, with all the regulatory and corporate powers of a municipal corporation provided under California State Law. The City Council is responsible for:

  • Establishing City policies
  • Providing broad goals to be executed by the City’s administrative staff
  • Adopting the City’s operating budget
  • Exercising its powers of legislation

City Council Meetings

You are invited to attend City Council Meetings and learn more. Regular meetings are held:

  • The first and third Tuesdays of each month
  • 7:00 p.m., in the Council Chambers at 200 Old Bernal Avenue
  • City Council meetings are open to the public