Community Services Officer

Community Service Officers (CSO's) are non-sworn personnel who enhance the productivity and efficiency of the Police Department by:

  • Handling calls for service that do not require the presence of a police officer
  • Assisting in a variety of special assignments

The Department currently has eight CSO's:

  • Three assigned to Patrol - Patrol CSO's investigate crimes and traffic collisions, assist with crime scene investigations and the collection of evidence. They also direct traffic and maintain equipment.
  • Two assigned to Traffic - In the Traffic Unit, one CSO is assigned to address abandoned and illegally parked vehicles. A second CSO is responsible for safety programs, grants, and he massage/taxi permit process.
  • One assigned to Crime Prevention - The Crime Prevention CSO assists the Crime Prevention Officer with various programs and presentations.
  • One assigned in Personnel and Training - The Personnel and Training CSO assists the Personnel and Training Officer in the process of hiring and training and records maintenance.
  • One assigned in the Investigations Division - The Investigations Division CSO is assigned as a Property Clerk to ensure the proper handling of evidence, found property, recovered stolen property, and items stored for safekeeping.