Compliments & Concerns

The Pleasanton Police Department strives to provide the highest quality of service in a courteous and professional manner. Those whom we serve are an important source of information and feedback about the quality of our service. Also, and unfortunately in the course of police operations, conflicts or misunderstandings may arise between Police Department Employees and community members. Recognizing this fact we have an established procedure that permits members of the community to report Police Department employee conduct that they feel is exemplary or unprofessional.

Compliments & Commendations

Everyone enjoys receiving recognition for their efforts and there is no question that most of the 120 employees of the Pleasanton Police Department are committed to doing an outstanding job for the community of Pleasanton.

We realize that many of our residents and visitors to Pleasanton would like to know how to compliment our employees for a job well done. Compliments and commendations, either verbal or written are one of the best ways to let our employees know that you appreciate their good work and extraordinary customer service. Compliments and commendations for an employee of the Pleasanton Police Department can be sent directly to the Office of the Police Chief, the on-duty Watch Commander, or the employee’s supervisor. The compliment or commendation will be communicated to the employee by his or her supervisor and a copy will be placed in the employee’s personnel file.

A compliment or commendation may address any event that you feel demonstrates any effort on the part of the employee that deserves special recognition. This may include such acts as: unusual courtesy or compassion, significant life saving measures, or other extraordinary acts that you believe exhibited exemplary performance.

Compliments and commendations may be made in person, by phone, by email or fax, or through a letter or informal note to the Pleasanton Police Department or City of Pleasanton Human Resources Department.

Concerns, Complaints & Criticisms

The City of Pleasanton and your Police Department take great pride in being responsive to the needs and concerns of all citizens and guests of our community. Concerns, Complaints and Criticisms of our service are accepted as meaningful indications of the job we are doing and provide us with an opportunity to enhance our understanding of how we can better serve our community.

While we strive to provide the highest quality of service, we realize that with our high volume of public contact, coupled with the nature of our job, not everyone will be completely satisfied. Alternatively, it is also common for people to not clearly understand the reasons for actions taken by police employees which may be a cause for concern or clarification regarding police procedures.

We encourage residents and guests of our community to immediately contact the on-duty Watch Commander whenever they have a concern about an employee’s behavior or a police related action.

Personnel Complaint Form