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PLEASANTON, Calif. — At the October 3 meeting, the Pleasanton City Council approved its first-ever 5-Year Citywide Strategic Plan, ONE Pleasanton. This landmark initiative reflects the City’s commitment to long-term planning, sustainability, and the overall well-being of its residents.

The ONE Pleasanton Strategic Plan is the result of a months-long collaboration that brought together the Pleasanton community with City staff and councilmembers to create a shared vision for the city’s future. The information-gathering phase of the plan took place between February and June 2023 and consisted of internal engagement with the City Council and City staff as well as multiple community engagement activities, including 11 focus groups, two pop-up events at the Pleasanton Farmer’s Market, and an open house. The activities were designed to gather a variety of perspectives through face-to-face engagement opportunities, with a focus on removing barriers to participation and engaging with voices from throughout Pleasanton’s diverse community. Information from the community survey that was conducted in May 2023 was also considered.

The plan will serve as a roadmap for the city over the next five years, from 2023 to 2028, and address a wide range of critical issues, from infrastructure and economic growth to environmental sustainability and community wellbeing. It includes a refreshed mission and vision statement, as well as updated organizational values of service, integrity, inclusion, and innovation.
The ONE Pleasanton plan establishes five multi-year goals:

  • Funding our Future: Support financial health and sound fiscal policies through long-term planning, cost recovery, increased revenue, and cost containment.
  • Optimizing our Organization: Continuously improve the organization’s ability to deliver quality services to the public by supporting our employees’ professional development, hiring top talent, and encouraging innovation in how we work.
  • Investing in our Environment: Promote effective use of existing facilities through maintenance and repair and plan for future facilities, amenities, and infrastructure to benefit the community with a focus on environmental stewardship.
  • Safeguarding our City: Provide comprehensive public safety services and prepare the city for future emergencies to foster a safe and secure community.
  • Building a Community where Everyone Belongs: Foster community engagement and conduct effective planning to promote a livable and economically vibrant community.
    “The inaugural 5-Year Citywide Strategic Plan embodies our shared vision for a city that thrives while honoring our historic character,” said Karla Brown, Mayor of Pleasanton. “This plan is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our community and city leaders. Together, we are forging a path toward a more prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive Pleasanton.”
    In addition to the five goals, the ONE Pleasanton Strategic Plan includes multiple strategies to achieve each goal. At a public workshop in August 2023, the City Council identified four strategies as key priorities for the first two plan years. These priorities reflect the unanimous selection of the Mayor and the entire City Council and focus on infrastructure, water supply, and emergency preparedness.
    Now that the plan is approved, the City will prepare an Implementation Action Plan to describe the specific projects to advance the strategies under each of the five goals. The Implementation Action Plan will identify individual projects and initiatives with a proposed timeline for delivery that considers budget and other resources.
    While the goals and strategies identified in the citywide strategic plan will cover a five-year period, the City will review the strategic plan on a bi-annual basis to align with the City’s two-year budget process and adjust as needed to reflect changing conditions.
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