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Pleasanton is facing difficult decisions in the near future due to a severe and increasing budget deficit. Further adding to the problem, infrastructure and facilities maintenance and repair programs are seriously underfunded. Projections show an average General Fund budget shortfall of approximately $13 million annually over the next eight years. To address the projected budget deficit and maintain a balanced budget, the City must identify new and expanded revenue sources to keep pace with the growth of expenses, or significantly cut expenses by reducing services.

As the City continues to explore ways to increase revenue, it is incorporating cost-containment strategies into the upcoming fiscal year’s budget. Planning is also underway for more significant budget reductions in the future. A Budget Workshop is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 21, where the City will present a list of potential service reductions that may be required if revenues do not increase. Included in the list of potential future cuts are reductions to police and fire services, the elimination of City funding for the school crossing guard program, reduction in library and pool hours, the elimination of some youth and senior programs and special events, and reduced maintenance of City streets, facilities, parks, open spaces, trees, and medians.

Following the workshop, the regular City Council meeting will include a presentation and discussion on the proposed fiscal year 2024/25 mid-term budget. With more than $2 million in proposed cuts included in the recommended mid-term budget, the City is committed to demonstrating its dedication to cost containment amid ongoing revenue challenges.

The City values input from the Pleasanton community and encourages all residents to stay engaged and informed and attend City Council and other public meetings.