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Operations Services Department
Monday - Friday, 7 am - 3:30 pm
925-931-5595 Fax
3333 Busch Road
PO Box 520, Pleasanton, CA 94566


Customer Services Center
Customer Service Main Line 925-931-5500
Customer Services Fax 925-931-5595
Tamara Baptista, Deputy Director of Business Services 925-931-5507 
Roopale Bulsara-Popal, Customer Service Supervisor 925-931-5501
Water and Sewer
Daniel Repp, Managing Director of Utilities and Environmental Services 925-931-5523
Danny Ward, Utilities Division Manager 925-931-5526
Ryan Ravalin, Chief Utilities Systems Operator 925-931-5528
Daniel McVey, Utilities Maintenance Supervisor  925-931-5521
Todd Yamello, Utilities Planning Manager 925-931-5519
David Bruzzone, Utilities Planning Manager 925-931-5542
Environmental Services
Rita Di Candia, Environmental Services Manager 925-931-5513
Scott Walker, Environmental Compliance Supervisor    925-931-5527
Water Conservation & Recycled Water Program
Vacant, Environmental Services Specialist (Water Conservation Program)  Vacant
Miguel Salcido, Environmental Services Specialist (Recycled Water Program)  925-931-5515
Kathleen Yurchak, Director of Operations and Water Utilities 925-931-5506
Leo Lopez, Employee Training and Emergency Services Manager 925-931-5539
Streets and Traffic Safety Maintenance
Samu Tiumalu, Operations Services Superintendent 925-931-5503
Steven Martin, Streets and Traffic Safety Maintenance Supervisor 925-931-5555
Parks Maintenance
Giacomo Damonte, Parks Maintenance Superintendent 925-931-5570
Brian Fiorio, Parks Maintenance Supervisor 925-931-5573
Tim Annear, Parks Maintenance Supervisor 925-931-5576
Victor Cazarez, Parks Maintenance Supervisor  925-931-5578
Weed Abatement, (City maintained Properties) 925-454-2361
Facilities and Fleet Maintenance
Samu Tiumalu, Operations Services Superintendent 925-931-5503
Chris Rizzoli, Support Services Supervisor 925-931-5584