Landscape Architecture

The Landscape Architecture Division works with the public, other City departments and design consultants to design and prepare construction drawings for the construction of new park projects, renovation of existing parks and other landscape replacement projects on City property. This Division also administers the Pleasanton Landscape Ordinance and the urban forestry program, including street tree replacement and protection of Heritage trees; and reviews private development landscape plans for conformance with City standards. The overall intent of the Division is to provide residents with exceptional parks, landscapes and urban forest by improving the aesthetic character of the City. 

The City Landscape Ordinance is a key part of achieving that character and was approved in December of 2015. In addition to improving the character of the City the Ordinance strives to conserve water and through smart irrigation and the use of low water using plants adapted to our local climate. The below documents contain more information regarding landscape requirements for new and renovated landscapes in the City of Pleasanton.

Landscape Ordinance

The City’s Tree Preservation Ordinance defines the policies and procedures for maintaining trees within the City limits. Trees that meet certain height and circumference measurements are considered Heritage trees and are protected by the Ordinance. Heritage trees can be of any species and can be publicly or privately owned.

Removal of Heritage trees requires a no-cost permit from the City’s Landscape Architect. An application for removal must be submitted before the Landscape Architect can visit the site to inspect the tree. If the application is approved, a letter will be issued allowing the removal to proceed. If the application is not approved, a letter indicating that decision will be issued. There is a formal process for those wishing to appeal the decision. For more information about the Heritage Tree Ordinance, click on the links below. 

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