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General municipal elections are held in even numbered years to elect a mayor and city councilmembers.

The City of Pleasanton transitioned to district-based elections in early 2022 for City Councilmember seats. The City Council is composed of one mayor elected at-large and four council members elected by-district. General municipal elections are held in even numbered years.

In 2024, Pleasanton will hold a general election to fill the following seats:

  • Councilmember from District 2
  • Councilmember from District 4
  • Mayor at-large

General municipal elections are held in even numbered years.

Candidate Information

Pre-Nomination Orientation for Prospective Candidates

The City Clerk’s Office will be hosting a pre-nomination orientation session for prospective candidates interested in running for office of Mayor or Council Member in the City of Pleasanton. The orientation will include information on district-based elections, city government structure, the role of elected officials, the nomination process, Fair Political Practices Commission filings, campaign statements and disclosure obligations, and provide resources to help prospective candidates get started. The orientation session is free and will be held in-person at the City Council Chamber on June 27 at 6 p.m.


Voting Information

Every active registered voter will be mailed a vote-by-mail ballot. Remember to sign your ballot envelope!

Where to Vote

Where to Vote in Pleasanton 2022 Elections

OFFICIAL DROP BOX LOCATIONS: There are three 24-hour Ballot Drop Boxes in Pleasanton. Alameda County Elections staff members collect ballots daily and as needed based on the volume when boxes are opened.

  • City Hall – 123 Main St.
  • Dolores Bengtson Aquatic Center – 4455 Black Ave.
  • Ken Mercer Sports Park – 5800 Parkside Dr.

Map of all Alameda County Drop Boxes

BY MAIL: Ballots must be postmarked by Election Day. Concerns about post mark? Get it hand-stamped at the Post Office.

Track your ballot at

VOTE CENTERS: Voting Centers in Alameda County are available to all voters for in-person early voting. For all locations and hours visit: Alameda County Vote Centers.

Register to Vote

Remember to re-register when you move, change your name, or change your political party choice.

In California, the deadline to register to vote for any election is 15 days before Election Day, so register early!

Register by filling in the online application at the California Secretary of State’s website. The application is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Tagalog, Thai and Vietnamese.


Disclosures & Filings

Access the public portal to research campaign statements filed by election. Access the filer portal to e-file Form 700s and campaign statements.

Public Portal

Search for campaign disclosure statements filed by election.

Search for filed Form 700 statements

Filer Portal

E-File your campaign statements and Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests
Form 700 & Campaign Committee Filer Log-In

Other forms, policies and local Conflict of Interest Code