Pleasanton Water

For more information on how to pay your water/utility bill, visit the City’s Utility Billing page, or call 925-931-5500.

The City of Pleasanton operates and maintains a water distribution system to deliver water to city residences and businesses, as well as for other uses such as firefighting.

Alameda County’s Zone 7 Water Agency is the Tri-Valley’s water wholesaler that procures water from the state and produces water from its regional wells, which it sells to Pleasanton and other Tri-Valley water retailers for distribution. Pleasanton is a unique retailer in that in addition to buying water from Zone 7, it also has local groundwater wells that have the capacity to deliver 3,500-acre feet per year, which is approximately 20-25 percent of all water delivered within Pleasanton.

In addition to its water distribution system, the City offers a variety of water conservation programs to promote the continued importance of conservation by residents and businesses. Water conservation is a way of life in California and the City of Pleasanton is committed to promoting responsible and efficient water use now and in the future.

Additional information about the City's water supply and quality and water conservation programs can be found at the pages below.

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New Proposed Water Rates

The City has proposed new water rates that will be brought to City Council for public hearing and adoption on September 19, 2023. For more information about the proposed new rates, click here.

Need Help Paying Your Utility Bill?

The City offers a utility bill discount program for seniors or low income households.

The State of California offers a Low Income Household Water Assistance Program for customers who need assistance paying their utility bills.

Water Supply and Quality Projects

The City has always met or exceeded state and federal drinking water regulations and will continue to do so in the future. The City is undertaking multiple actions to address water supply and quality now and in the long term to continue to deliver safe, reliable drinking water to its 22,000 customers. For more information about Water Supply and Quality projects, click here.

PFAS Information

Find information about PFAS in Pleasanton here.

Water Quality Reports

Find information about Pleasanton's drinking water, where it comes from, and how you can stay informed about your drinking water, here.

Water Conservation

Learn about the City’s water conservation program and rebates here.