General Plan Update

The General Plan is the official document used by city decision-makers and citizens to guide the long-range development of land and the conservation of resources in Pleasanton. It is the key document with which all other city ordinances and policies must be consistent. Considered to be the city's "blueprint" for the future, and provides the bridge between the community's values and development decisions to be made by the city.

  • The General Plan contains eleven elements (chapters).
  • Each element provides discussion regarding existing conditions; projections for the future; and related goals, policies and programs.
  • The eleven elements pertain to land use, circulation, housing, public safety, public facilities, conservation and open space, noise, air quality, community character, economic/fiscal, and subregional planning.

Digital version of the Plan is available below, printed copies may be purchased for $20 at the Planning Division or sent via U.S. mail for $25. For a copy of the city's General Plan or site-specific and policy inquiries, contact the Planning Division.