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Tri-Valley Cities Coalition Advocates for Regional Priorities in Sacramento

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PLEASANTON, Calif – Elected Officials from the Tri-Valley Cities Coalition (TVC), comprising the cities of Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon, and the Town of Danville, recently completed their annual advocacy trip to Sacramento. The delegation met with key state legislators and agency officials to discuss critical regional issues including transportation, housing, and environmental policies.

The TVC’s agenda focused on pivotal legislation affecting the Tri-Valley area including discussions about AB 1889, conservation element: wildlife and habitat connectivity, and AB 1820, housing development projects: applications: fees and exactions. Significant amendments to these bills were confirmed on the day, reflecting the impact of the coalition’s advocacy efforts. AB 1889 was amended to integrate wildlife connectivity considerations into existing conservation elements of general plans, streamlining compliance without adding new plan elements. AB 1820 was modified to allow cities a 20 business day window to deliver fee and exaction estimates, reflecting a more feasible timeline compared to the original 10-day requirement. These amendments aim to enhance local governance and facilitate sustainable development within the Tri-Valley region.

In addition to legislative discussions, the TVC delegation expressed ongoing concerns about PFAS contamination and explored funding opportunities for remediation efforts. The coalition also advocated for the Valley Link Rail Project, highlighting its potential to significantly benefit the regional transportation network and support local economic development.

The meetings allowed the TVC to reiterate their support for housing bonds and discuss strategies to enhance public infrastructure, crucial for meeting the growing needs of the community.

The Tri-Valley Cities Coalition continues to be a unified voice for more than 300,000 residents, advocating for policies that promote regional and state-wide prosperity. Following the trip, TVC plans to maintain active engagement with state officials to ensure the region’s needs are met.

About the Tri-Valley Cities Coalition:

The Tri-Valley Cities of Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon, and the Town of Danville value regional leadership, innovation, collaboration, and problem solving to maintain and improve the quality of life for Tri-Valley residents, provide a vibrant climate for businesses, and enable continued opportunities for public and private investment within the region.

Each City and Town provides a unique perspective on how to meet the needs of their residents and businesses. The Cities and Town agree to respect the individuality of each community and are committed to open and honest communication with a goal of building consensus and a united approach to advocacy for solutions that will serve the residents and businesses of the Tri-Valley.

A copy of the 2024 Tri-Valley Legislative Framework can be found here.