Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Division strives to increase the efficiency and safety of the City’s transportation network. This division of the Community Development Department is responsible for: 

  • Planning and operating the roadways, sidewalks, and bikeways in the City to provide for the safe and efficient movement of people, goods and services within Pleasanton.
  • Evaluating development proposals to determine their impacts to traffic flow and ascertain necessary mitigation.
  • Balancing the needs of the different modes of transportation: walking, biking, and driving.

The division:

  • Has installed a sophisticated communications network that links most of the traffic signals, traffic cameras, and detectors to the Traffic Operations Center.
  • Responds to common requests involving safety, speed, traffic signals, signs and markings, as well as school and neighborhood traffic conditions.

What's New:

West Las Positas Boulevard Corridor Improvement Plan - Bicycle and Pedestrian Symbol SignThe West Las Positas Boulevard Corridor Plan will create a new vision for the corridor, featuring an all ages and abilities bikeway network and improvements to pedestrian facilities. The plan will develop concepts to improve the existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities by: 1) collecting existing data; 2) identifying deficiencies; 3) collecting community and stakeholder input; 4) developing concepts; and 5) creating an implementation and funding plan for the West Las Positas Boulevard corridor. A project website has been created and can be found at The website provides project information and dates for upcoming public meetings. The study was expected to be completed by late 2020 and brought to City Council for approval in early 2021. The pandemic delayed this project.

Additional outreach to the schools and businesses located on West Las Positas Boulevard began in March 2021. A recurring comment received from the Hacienda Businesses during this outreach was the poor pavement condition of the West Las Positas Boulevard roadway and questions on the steps to improve the pavement conditions. Based on this feedback, we have paused the West Las Positas Boulevard corridor project while we review and determine costs and a timeline for a comprehensive improvement plan and roadway repair.

Bernal Avenue and Nevada Street Traffic Signal Improvements - Traffic Signal Sign We have completed design for a new traffic signal at the intersection of Bernal Avenue and Nevada Street. In addition to the installation of a new traffic signal, the northwest and southwest corners of the intersection will be extended to shorten the pedestrian crossing distance on the north and west side of the intersection. These curb extensions will also encourage turning vehicles to drive slower through their turn. Construction is anticipated in the summer of 2021.

I-680/Sunol Boulevard Interchange Project – Caltrans symbolWe have completed a project report that develops conceptual design alternatives, and environmental analysis. The goals of this project are to provide congestion relief, operational safety improvements, and improve bicycle facilities through the interchange. The City will be the lead agency and will partner with the California State Department of Transportation during project development. We have begun the next phase of this project that includes selecting a preferred design alternative and developing an environmental document. Current work includes: preparing detailed traffic and environmental reports, cultural investigations, and air quality and noise studies. Once this phase is completed, we can begin full engineering design.