Get a Library Card

Welcome to the Pleasanton Public Library! Your new library card will open a world of services to you.

Qualifications for Registration

Library cards are only issued in person at the Library. Cards are free to any California resident or persons employed or attending school in California. Fill out an application form and present it along with personal identification listing your current home address.

Acceptable forms of identification:

  • Driver's license with photograph
  • U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Green Card with photograph
  • California ID card with photograph
  • U.S. Passport
  • Student ID Card with photograph

If an individual does not have any of the above identification listing a current address, one of the following may be used for address verification only.

  • Imprinted bank checks
  • Utility bill with name and current address
  • Rent receipt or proof of ownership papers
  • Mail addressed to them at the indicated address

If an individual has acceptable identification but cannot verify the current address, a library card may be issued to the individual but borrowing will be limited to three items until the card is received in the mail. All library cards will be mailed to borrowers within two weeks of initial registration.

A library card is an agreement between the Pleasanton Public Library and the borrower in which the borrower agrees to abide by the rules of the Library and to be responsible for all library materials checked out on the card.

Borrowers who are under 14 years of age must have library card applications signed by either a parent or legal guardian. Appropriate identification must be shown from both the registered borrower and the individual signing for responsibility. (Applications for cards may be taken home, but must be returned with the appropriate signature and identification for verification of that signature.)

Registration Period

Library cards are good for four years. Upon expiration, they may be renewed by verifying the borrower's address.

Change of Address

It is the borrower's responsibility to notify the Library of any change in address, phone number or name.

Lost Cards

A borrower who has lost a library card may have the card replaced for free.

Please note that the Library will only use the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses you supply to contact you regarding requested and overdue materials.

You may make your mailing address available to the Friends of the Pleasanton Public Library to receive book sale announcements, by giving permission on the library card application form.