Kanopy lets you stream independent and

international cinema to all of your devices

Signing Up

Have your library card and PIN handy, and access Kanopy now by downloading the Kanopy app to your phone, tablet, or smart TV, then follow the on screen prompts. 

You can also follow these steps to access Kanopy:

  1. Create your Kanopy account by visiting their registration pagePlease note: you can enter your Facebook or Google account information to create your Kanopy account on the registration page.

  2. Search for "Pleasanton Public Library" (the one in California, not Texas!) as your home library

  3. Enter your library card number and PIN on the verification page

Quick Guidelines

  • Play credits: You get 10 play credits (checkouts) per month

  • 3 days to watch each film: Once you press play on a film, you have 3 days to view it as much as you like without using another play credit

  • Play credits reset on the 1st of the month: once you've reached your quota of films for the month, you'll have a new batch of 10 play credits the first day of the next month

 Kanopy also has kids content with unlimited credit-free viewing