Electronic Planning Submittal


Electronic Submittal Instructions

Applications may be submitted 24 hours, seven days a week by uploading the Application for Development Review and required submittal documents by selecting the Submit Now link below. Please note, applications are processed during normal business hours, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Refer to the applicable Application Submittal Requirements handout to understand the information, exhibits and materials required for your project. Review the electronic format requirements listed below. Hard copy submittals will not be accepted during the temporary closure.


When uploading your application and submittal documents, please include a list of the attachments you are uploading in the message dialog box. Staff will confirm via email when your application and submittal documents have been accepted. If your application requires payment, please include the name and telephone number of the person responsible for payment in the message dialog box so we may contact you/them for payment. All payments must be by credit card via phone. After receipt and payment (if applicable), your project will be assigned to a staff Planner. Please allow 2-3 business days for the staff Planner to contact you.


Electronic Format Requirements

Please adhere to the following electronic format requirements when preparing your submittal:

  • PDF:  All electronic documents must be PDF (portable document format).
  • File Size: File size maximum is 100MB.
  • Unsecured Settings:  Choose “unsecured” on your security settings to enable staff to mark up the documents or create comments/notes.
  • Plan Orientation:  All drawings/plans must uniformly use landscape orientation. Maintain a uniform page position and page size for all plans (architectural, landscape, civil, etc.).
  • Separate PDFs:  Create a separate PDF for each sub-trade (architectural, landscape, civil, etc.) or submittal item (plans, technical reports, narrative, etc.).
  • Documents:  All supplemental documents, technical reports, project narrative, etc. must be in PDF format. Each document shall be saved in a separate file. The name of the document shall start with the project address followed by the document name. (see example below)
  • Stamp Location:  Provide a 3-inch high x 5-inch wide clear space on the cover sheet or first page of each pdf in the lower right quadrant for jurisdiction stamps.
  • Scale, Legibility and Legends:  Plans shall be to scale, fully dimensioned, legible and to the satisfaction of the Planning Division.
  • Text:  Text prints at minimum 10pt font size. Use a legible font, equivalent or better than Arial, Courier, Helvetica, or Tahoma, set at minimum 10pt when printed.
  • File Name Conventions:  Use the same file naming conventions for all files. Use the project address file description submission number. Do not use commas or hyphens, only spaces. For example:
    • Street Address File Description Submission Number
    • 200 Old Bernal Ave Application Sub1
    • 200 Old Bernal Ave Narrative Sub1
    • 200 Old Bernal Ave Architectural Plans Sub1
    • 200 Old Bernal Ave Civil Plans Sub1
    • 200 Old Bernal Ave Arborist Report Sub1


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