Electronic Building Plan Check Submittals

The Building and Safety Division is only accepting electronic submittals. Submittals do not become an active plan check until payment is received. There are three separate plan check categories described below. 

Simple Permits: Residential water heater, furnace/AC, reroofs, repipe, private property sewer repair/replacement and electric service replacement ONLY. Any submittals that do not fall into these specific categories will not be accepted as a simple permit.

Express Plan Check: Residential Kitchen or Bathroom remodels/repairs, residential remodel without structural, residential addition single story under 200 square feet after Planning Division approval, residential accessory structures/sheds/patio covers/arbors under 500 square feet after Planning Division approval, residential rooftop photovoltaic systems, residential electric vehicle chargers, signs after Planning Division approval ONLY. Any submittals that do not fall into the categories above will not be accepted for express review.

Fire Permits: Fire sprinklers, fire alarms, commercial hood and duct suppression systems in the City of Pleasanton are Fire permits, not Building permits. These types of permits may be submitted at the bottom of this page, but are reviewed, issued and inspected by the Livermore Pleasanton Fire Department (LPFD) Fire Prevention Bureau.

Standard Plan CheckAll other projects that do not qualify as simple permit, express review, or fire permit.

Depending on the type and scope of the project, review and approval by the Planning Division may be required prior to submittal for building permits. Contact a planner in the Planning Division for more information at pod@cityofpleasantonca.gov.



Applications may be submitted by uploading the Building Permit Application and required submittal documents by selecting the Submit Now link below. Please note, applications are processed during normal business hours, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. to 5 pm. Refer to the Plan Check Submittal Requirements for Commercial Projects handout or the Plan Check Submittal Requirements for Residential Projects handout to understand the information and materials required for your project. Review the electronic format requirements listed below. Hard copy submittals will not be accepted during the temporary closure.

When uploading your application and submittal documents, please include the name and telephone number of the person responsible for payment in the message dialog box so we may contact you/them for payment. All payments must be by credit card via phone. Staff will confirm via email when your application and submittal information has been accepted. After receipt and payment, your project will be routed to a plan checker. Please allow 5 business days for processing.



 Follow the formatting requirements outlined below:

1. PDF - Digital plans and documents must be PDF, with a 250 MB max. Each plan sheet within the PDF must be "Bookmarked". The Bookmark name/label must match the plan sheet name/label. (For example: Plan sheet A101 must have a Bookmark name/label of A101.)

2. Unsecured Settings - Choose "unsecured" on your security settings so that plan reviewers may mark up the documents or create notes.

3. File Naming Conventions - All PDFs should use the same file naming conventions.  All drawing files must be named as follow: PROJECT ADDRESS SUBMISSION CYCLE FILE DESCRIPTION Do not include “‐“(dashes) or special characters in the file name. For Example:  123 Main St SUB1 Application; 123 Main St SUB1 Civil Plans; 123 Main St SUB1 Struct Calcs

4. Separate PDFs - Provide separate PDFs for supporting documents such as soils reports, structural calculations, T-24, etc., separate from the project plans. The project plans (architectural, MEP, structural, landscape, etc.) must be collated into a complete PDF.

5. Scale - PDF exhibits must be generated at a prescribed scale (i.e. 1/4" = 1'-0", or 1/8" = 1'-0") in order for staff to verify dimensions and areas within the file, using the built-in Acrobat measuring tool. Graphic scales may also be included, but are not required.

6. Orientation - All drawings/plan must uniformly use landscape orientation (except for technical reports or documents). Maintain a uniform page positions and page size for all plans (architectural, landscape, civil, etc.).

7. Stamp Location - Provide a 3-inch high x 6-inch wide clear space on the upper right quadrant for jurisdiction/consulting approval stamps. This is to be consistent amongst all trades.

8. Conditions of Approval - If your project received conditions of approval from the Planning Division, include a copy of all the conditions of approval with your submittal. You must also provide a letter or annotate response to each condition of approval.


After your initial submittal, you will receive a comment letter outlining the corrections needed or your project may be approved. If you receive comments, you will need to address each plan check comment and resubmit adhering to the original submittal requirements. Additional instructions for resubmittals:

A. Include a response letter with a detailed explanation how you addressed the plan check comment, from all Departments/Divisions.

B. Cloud all changes and note delta number on the title block.

C. Use the same format, plan size and scale as the original submittal.

D. Resubmit a complete set of plans.



Revisions must contain the following:

A. PDF files/plans shall include the original plans with the City approved stamp.

B. Building permit number of original approved plans.

C. Clear and concise description of work summarizing revisions to the original plans.

D. A separate file containing a full, complete drawing and document package containing the newly revised sheets, changes clearly highlighted, clouded and delineated with date of revision (i.e., cloud all changes and note delta number on the title block).

For questions related to the electronic submittal process, code questions, or general building questions, please email buildingdivision@cityofpleasantonca.gov. We look forward to your submittal!


Fill out the Building Permit Application and upload your completed permit application with all other plan and document files using one of the options below:

 - Residential Water Heater
 - Residential Furnace / AC
 - Residential Reroof
 - Residential Re-Pipe
 - Private Property Sewer Repair/Replacement
 - Residential Electric Service Replacement
 - Residential Kitchen or Bathroom remodels/repairs
 - Residential remodel without structural
 - Residential addition single story under 200 square feet after Planning approval
 - Residential accessory structures/sheds/patio covers under 500 square feet after Planning approval
 - Residential rooftop photovoltaic systems
 - Residential electric vehicle chargers
 - Signs after planning approval
All projects that do not qualify for express or simple permits, Apply here
 - Fire suppression system installation or modifications (fire sprinkler systems, commercial hood and ducts, etc.)
 - Fire alarm system installations or modifications
 - Emergency fire main repairs