Backflow Administration

The Backflow Administration Program:

  • Ensures annual testing is completed for all commercial and residential devices in the City of Pleasanton.
  • Provides necessary testing paperwork and information to customers with devices.

According to the State of California Health and Human Services Agency, Department of Health Services:

“The California Code of Regulations (CCR), requires public water systems to protect their water supplies from contamination by implementing a cross-connection control program. The scope of a comprehensive cross-connection control program must include provisions for the protection of the drinking water supply through the installation of appropriate backflow prevention assemblies at all water user’s connections where a hazard or potential hazard to the water supply is identified by the public water system (Title 17, Section 7584).”

The City annually invoices a $60 per device administrative fee to maintain this program for the community. If devices are not tested in accordance with State laws and regulations, enforcement is taken and devices are subject to lock off.

For additional information on test due to notice, failed devices, testers list, tester registration, or change of address, contact Aqua Back Flow at (847) 742-2296.