Building Permits

The Building Permit application is available on our Applications page. Interior alterations of existing buildings, without any change of use, typically only require a Building Permit.

Over-the-Counter Walk-ins

The following types of work typically do not require a plan review, and are issued over-the-counter the same day by our Counter staff. An appointment is not required.

Kitchen and bath remodels (non-structural)*; Termite repairs

Over-the-Counter Plan Review

The following types of work are typically reviewed at an Over-the-Counter Plan Review appointment and, if approved, are issued the same day by our Counter staff:

Residential Additions (Single-story, under 500 sq. ft.); Residential Remodels* with minimal structural alterations; Residential Electric Vehicle Car Chargers; Residential Accessory Structures, sheds, patio covers, arbors, etc. (Under 500 sq. ft.); Residential garage conversions; In-ground Swimming Pools and Spas*; Tenant Improvements* (Minor structural, no Change of Use, Under 10,000 square feet, Under $125,000 valuation); and Signs*

* Note: California Title 24 Energy forms may also be required.

Simple Permits

Residential water heater, furnace/AC, re-roofs, re-pipe, private property sewer repair/replacement and electric service replacement can be submitted online by visiting the Electronic Building Plan Check Submittals page.

Plan Review Submittals

Plan review is required for all other types of projects not listed above. The Building and Safety Division is only accepting electronic submittals for all plan check categories. Please review the Electronic Building Plan Check Submittal handout. A standardized, well-documented set of drawings and specifications will increase the understanding of plan reviewers, reduce the time required to review a set of documents and minimize delays in achieving approvals. The designer must sign all plans. If the designer is a licensed design professional, then a professional stamp with valid expiration date must be affixed to the plans as well.  Please review the Commercial Submittal Requirements and Residential Submittal Requirements for more information.

Alterations and most additions less than 1,000 square feet are typically reviewed by the Building and Planning Divisions, and will have the first plan review completed within three weeks. New construction projects are typically reviewed by multiple divisions and departments, and will have the first plan review completed within five weeks.

Fast track is generally not available, especially on multi-departmental reviews where additional routing and coordination is required. Special review turnaround needs are considered on a case by case basis only. The fees for plan check are required to be paid at the time documents are submitted for review.

Demolition Permits

A Demolition permit is required for the removal of an entire or partial building or structure. Please review the Demolition Permit Submittal Requirements for more information. Demolition Permit applications are reviewed by multiple City departments and final review/approval by the City Manager is required for demolition of a building or structure associated with a City Council approved project. Please allow two - three weeks for process and review. 

Beginning July 1, 2019, demolition projects will be required to comply with the Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association (BASMAA) requirements for managing PCBs-containing building materials during demolition. Applicants proposing to demolish buildings must conduct the PCBs screening assessment to determine whether the building proposed for demolition is likely to have PCBs-containing building materials. For more information, please review the following: