Home Security

Given enough time and concealment, any level of home security can be bypassed. Since the majority of home break-ins are crimes of opportunity, prevent many of them by reducing these opportunities. Home safety should start with the basics, followed by additional steps that meet a family’s specific needs.

  • Alarm system. Alarms are the number one deterrent to a residential burglary (home break-in).
  • Close doors and windows and always use the locks.
  • If you live in apartment, learn about the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program and ensure your home exceeds safety standards.
  • If you have a trusted neighbor who is home during the day, make sure they know who belongs at your house and can recognize suspicious activity. Consider joining Neighborhood Watch.
  • Going away? Find a trusted person to house sit for you. Almost every burglar knocks on the front door first to see if anyone answers. Consider asking Pleasanton Police for a Vacation Check.
  • Do not keep large amounts of cash or jewelry in a residence, or even suggest to anyone that such valuables might be there. Consider a safe deposit box.
  • Keep a current, itemized list of your serialized property. You will need to provide this information to the Police and your insurance company in the event of a theft. Consider Operation Identification.
  • Call the Crime Prevention Unit and ask for a security C.P.T.E.D. (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) survey of your home to see what safety measures are recommended. Looking for more? Check our Crime Prevention Resource Page or contact us with questions.