Stormwater Requirements

The City of Pleasanton reviews elements of proposed development to provide comprehensive management of the storm drainage system to protect our community and the environment.

Impervious Surface/Stormwater Requirements

See the resources below for

  1. general information about the San Francisco Bay Region's impervious surface and stormwater requirements and the form(s) / plan(s) required to be submitted to the City of Pleasanton for projects creating/replacing 2,500 sq. ft. or more of impervious surface; and
  2. information about stormwater runoff and pollution in general.

If you have questions about the impervious surface/stormwater requirements or have questions about a required form/plan, please contact the Engineering Division's Development Services Section.

An "impervious surface" is any surface on or in any parcel that reduces the rate of natural infiltration of stormwater into the soil, including, but not limited to, an area occupied by buildings, structures, driveways, streets, sidewalks, asphalt, concrete, compacted gravel, or other non-porous or semi-porous substance.

If you need additional information or have questions about impervious surface / stormwater Requirements or forms, please contact the Engineering Division's Development Services Section.


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