Animal Control

Pleasanton residents love their pets and their wildlife, so it is easy to understand why The Pleasanton Police Department receives thousands of animal related calls each year. Our Animal Services Officers (sometimes referred to as Animal Control Officers) serve Pleasanton’s four-legged residents and their owners through education, patrol and enforcement.

Animal Service Officers enforce the Pleasanton Municipal Code (things like leash law and licensing), respond to animal complaints and investigate reports of neglect or abuse. They may impound sick or injured pets or wildlife, quarantine biting animals and often pick up dispose of dead animals. These duties (and many more) help keep people, pets and wildlife safe – and safety is The Pleasanton Police Department’s number one goal.

Teaching responsible pet ownership is an important part of public safety. Every interaction with a pet owner is an opportunity to share how to best care for animals. Many of these opportunities come in the form of complaints. If you need the help of the Animal Service Officer please call 925-931-5100. Please be aware this is for nuisance issues only that do not require immediate attention. If you are reporting an emergency use 9-1-1.