Rebates and Services

New! Garden By Number Program


In conjunction with Zone 7, Pleasanton will be offering a $50 rebate to transform your front yard. The NEW "Garden by Number Program" is a do-it-yourself rebate program that will provide themed prepackaged ready-made garden boxes. For more information, please visit Zone 7's Water Conservation Rebate page




Water Efficient Landscape Program

Save water, beautify your landscaping, and reduce your maintenance time!

The City of Pleasanton is offering $0.25 per square foot to Residential Customers and $.50 per square foot to Irrigation Meter Customers who replace existing thirsty front or sidewalk-visible lawns with drought tolerant landscaping.

In conjunction with Zone 7’s Water-Efficient Lawn Conversion Rebate, you can increase your rebate value by applying to BOTH rebate programs simultaneously. Customers can get up to $1,000 (Residential) or $5,500(Commercial/Irrigation) by participating in both programs! (See program Terms and Conditions).

Maximum rebates through the City of Pleasanton are $250 for single family and $3,000 for irrigation and commercial customers. Funding is limited, and based on a first-come, first-served basis.View of a front yard planted with drought friendly native plants. The words 'Water Wise Gardening' superimpose the image in white letters


Weather-Based Irrigation Controller Rebate

In conjunction with Zone 7, Pleasanton offers Weather-Based Irrigation Controller Rebates up to $75 for single-family residences, and up to $100 for multi-family residences. The maximum rebate for non-residential properties is up to 50% of the cost of the new controller, with a maximum rebate of $3,000.

Non-residential customers: Only one rebate per water account number. For example, if your property has three water account numbers, you can apply for three controllers on one rebate application.

Water-Efficient Irrigation Rebate for Irrigation Customers

Reduce outdoor water use and promote a healthy and attractive landscape by improving watering efficiency through the installation of water-efficient irrigation hardware.

Irrigation meter customers participating in the City of Pleasanton’s Water-Efficient Landscape Program are eligible for rebates towards qualifying water-efficient irrigation equipment utilized on the converted landscape area. Qualifying equipment includes rain sensors, pressure regulating devices and rotary nozzles. See Terms and Conditions for full details. 

Controller Assistance Program

Need advice on how much and when to water your landscape? The City offers free controller assistance visits to residential and non-residential water customers. This service includes:

  • A walk-through site/irrigation system evaluation of your property
  • Irrigation controller programming assistance

The Controller Assistance Program is open to all water customers with landscaping that are responsible for the property water bill. Home occupants that are not the homeowner must provide signed consent and waiver from the homeowner. Interested customers with questions can contact the City’s Water Conservation Department: 925-931-5531.

Free Indoor Water-Efficient Device Program

Was your home built before 1994? Have you not remodeled since? If so, your home is likely equipped with inefficient water fixtures. Stop by the Customer Service Center at 3333 Busch Road to pick up water-efficient shower heads (limit 3) and bathroom aerators (limit 3).

While you're here, pick up free toilet dye strips to check for toilet leaks.

Free Water Conservation Lavatory Sign

Commercial customers can request these easy-to-use water conservation clings (non-stick) for lavatory mirrors. These signs help remind customers and employees to be mindful of water waste. Sign requests can be made by calling (925) 931-5515, or email:   


Water Efficient Washing Machines

In cooperation with Zone 7, you can receive a rebate of up to $75 for the qualifying purchase and installation of an Energy Star Most Efficient labeled high-efficiency clothes washer. For more information, please click here.

This program applies to purchases from June 20, 2019 to December 31, 2020, or until funds are exhausted.