Stoneridge Mall Framework

The City of Pleasanton has begun the process to develop a Framework Plan for the Stoneridge Shopping Center, also known as the Stoneridge Mall.  The focus of the Framework is the mall properties that lie within the area bounded by Stoneridge Mall Road and contain the Mall buildings and surrounding parking lots.  The Framework Plan will provide a conceptual land use and circulation plan, and policy guidance for future development/redevelopment of the Shopping Center, that considers the integration and distribution of new residential and commercial land uses with existing retail uses. 

The Framework process is expected to begin in September, as a focused effort that will conclude in Spring 2023.  A more detailed schedule is under development and will be posted on this page, along with other project information when it is available.

Upcoming Meetings

August 16, 2022, 7PM.  City Council Meeting.  The City Council will review the proposed scope of work for the Framework and provide input on initial planning considerations.  

Project Contact

Shweta Bonn, Senior Planner at 925-931-5611 or

About Stoneridge Mall

Stoneridge Shopping Center, commonly referred to as Stoneridge Mall, was constructed in the early 1980’s.  The 1.34 million square foot mall  sits on an approximately 75-acre property, divided into six parcels, under four separate ownerships. Within the 75-acre property, over 35 acres is dedicated to surface parking, including over 6,600 parking spaces. 

Why Develop a Framework

In recent year, there has been increased interest in looking at new opportunities to encourage investment and revitalization at the Mall. Much of this interest is focused on opportunities to “infill” the large parking areas around the mall buildings with additional uses such as housing and different types of commercial development, complementing and strengthening the retail uses that exist today, and creating pedestrian-scaled and oriented streets and buildings that could provide a new, mixed-use neighborhood for Pleasanton.  Recognizing this interest, the City Council included in its 2021-2023 Work Plan, an action item to develop the Framework Plan.  Given the complexity of planning for the Mall, it is likely the Framework will be the first step towards future, more detailed planning efforts, providing a broad land use and circulation concept, goals and policies that will guide those efforts.

How does the Framework Relate to the Housing Element Update

The City is currently underway with an update to its Housing Element that is studying placing between 900 and 1440 units of new housing at the Mall.  Planning for, and integrating this new housing, along with improving circulation and connectivity across the site, and to neighboring areas, providing stronger connections to the nearby BART station, and creating opportunities for “placemaking” to ensure future development is attractive, well designed, and economically successful, will be important.