Rides to School

The City of Pleasanton and the Pleasanton Unified School District have partnered to bring Pleasanton schools, Rides to School, Pleasanton's School Traffic Calming Program.  The program is an interactive partnership to plan and manage school traffic at individual schools.

The program's goal is to help parents find alternatives to driving their child to school, thereby reducing traffic congestion that currently exists during the morning and afternoon pick-up periods.  Commute alternatives such as walking, biking, carpooling  for all grade levels and  public transit for middle and high school students can help alleviate congestion.  Forming pools such as bike, car or walk pools, can give families more options in their child's school trips.  Parents can take turns leading pools and therefore, take a break from doing it every day.

Program elements include:Principal Kuhfal and Hearst students on Walk to School Day

Rides to School supports the city's Climate Action Plans' goals and objectives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.   Funds for this program are provided by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's Transportation Fund for Clean Air and the Alameda County Transportation Commission in cooperation with the City of Pleasanton and 511 Schoolpool.