Current Council Agenda

City Council Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

7:00 p.m.

City Council Chamber

200 Old Bernal Avenue

Pleasanton, CA 94566



Pledge of Allegiance * Roll Call * Remarks by Councilmember Pentin



Items listed on the consent calendar are considered routine in nature and may be enacted by one motion.  If discussion is required, that particular item will be removed from the consent calendar and will be considered separately.

1. Approve meeting minutes of June 4 and 18, 2019

2. Approve voting delegates for the 2019 League of California Cities Annual Conference

3. Approve agreements with Hello Housing and ECHO Housing for First Time Homebuyer Program Administration Services

4. Actions of the Zoning Administrator

5. Approve plans and specifications, review bids, and award construction contract to Olympus and Associates, Inc. in the amount of $1,730,706 for Bi-Annual Water Tank Corrosion Repairs Project, CIP No. 18127, approve agreement with CSI Services, Inc. for coating inspection not to exceed $99,953; and contract amendment with Murraysmith for additional design construction support services not to exceed $111,345

6. Accept public improvements performed by Pressure Grout Company for Vineyard Avenue Sewer Trench Repair Project, CIP No. 18233

7. Approve plans and specifications, review bids and award a construction contract to JPB Designs, Inc., in the amount of $1,170,000 for the Softball Fieldhouse and Scorekeeper’s Booth Renovation Project, CIP No. 17746; approve agreement with Ati-Ac Martin not to exceed $86,450 for additional design and construction support services 

8. Approve purchase order with Miracle Playsystems in the amount of $327,560 to renovate the big slide at Mission Hills neighborhood park

9. Accept monthly disbursements and investment report for May 2019

10. Adopt a resolution declaring that the costs for weed abatement, including administrative costs, are a special assessment and lien imposed on the properties requiring abatement

11. Adopt a resolution amending the Master Fee Schedule for Library fees to reflect a new materials recovery model 

12. Adopt a resolution amending the Master Fee Schedule for Recreation fees

13. Approve agreement with Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates, Inc. in the amount of $30,000 for the Implementation Phase of Mobility Forward Tri-Valley Paratransit Study

14. Approve contract amendment for activities guide printing services with Folgers Graphics not to exceed $69,000

15. Approve agreement with DERWA to provide potable water to augment the recycled water supply

16. Approve agreement with TESCO Controls, Inc., in the amount of $312,550 for design and implementation services for the SCADA replacement project

17. Approve agreement with ACCO Engineering Systems in the amount of $129,948 for heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance services for city facilities

18. Approve as-needed agreements with various vendors for utilities, electrical, instrumentation, telemetry, and SCADA

19. Approve agreement with D.H.R. Construction, Inc., in the amount of $211,000 for Callippe Preserve Golf Course renovations


20. Public Comment from the audience regarding items not listed on the agenda – Speakers are encouraged to limit comments to 3 minutes.


21. Receive an update on State Legislation and review and consider City positions on additional housing related bills and non-housing related bills


Brief reports on conferences, seminars, and meetings attended by the Mayor and City Council




Under Government Code §54957.5, any writings/documents regarding an open session item on this agenda provided to a majority of the City Council after distribution of the agenda packet will be available for public inspection at City Hall in the City Clerk’s Office, 123 Main Street, Pleasanton.

There is a 90-day limit for the filing of a challenge in the Superior Court to certain City administrative decisions and orders, which require a hearing by law, the receipt of evidence, and the exercise of discretion. The 90-day limit begins on the date the decision is final (Code of Civil Procedure § 1094.6).  Further, if you challenge an action taken by the City Council in court, you may be limited, by California law, including but not limited to Government Code §65009, to raising only those issues you or someone else raised in the public hearing, or in written correspondence delivered to the City Council prior to or at the public hearing. The City Council may be requested to reconsider a decision if the request is made prior to the next City Council meeting, regardless of whether it is a regular or special meeting.


Accessible Public Meetings 

The City of Pleasanton can provide special assistance for persons with disabilities to participate in public meetings. To make a request for a disability-related modification or accommodation (e.g., an assistive listening device), please contact the City Clerk's office at 123 Main Street, Pleasanton, CA 94566 or (925) 931-5027 at the earliest possible time. If you need sign language assistance, please provide at least two working days' notice prior to the meeting date.