Recycling & Refuse

Franchise Agreement with Pleasanton Garbage Services

SB 1383 requires the City to implement garbage Collection programs, meet Processing Facility requirements, conduct contamination monitoring, provide education, maintain records, submit reports, monitor compliance, conduct enforcement, and fulfill other requirements; and, the City has chosen to delegate these waste collection responsibilities to Pleasanton Garbage Services through a Franchise agreement with Pleasanton Garbage Services. The resolution and full agreement can be found here: Resolution and Franchise Agreement with Pleasanton Garbage Services

SB 1383 Requirements for Residents

Pleasanton residents must subscribe to and participate in the City’s garbage and recycling curbside collection service provided by Pleasanton Garbage Service. Residential garbage service includes a bundled service which includes your choice of a 35 or 96 gallon garbage cart (Black cart) along with a cart for food and plant waste (Green cart) and a cart for mixed recyclables (Blue cart). If you don't already have service or are missing containers, for Recycling or Food and Plant Waste contact  Pleasanton Garbage Service by email or call 925-846-2042 

Residents must sort out their recyclables and food and plant waste from the trash. For a list of what goes where visit the RE:Source curbside guide.

View the Residential Waste Sorting Guide for additional information on how to properly sort:

Your guide to Residential Recycling and Garbage services

Conceptos Basicos de Calsificacion de Residuos-Spanish Version

小区回收及垃圾处理服务指南-Chinese Version

How To Guide Waste Sorting- Multi-Family

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recycling truckResidents often ask whether Pleasanton recycles. The answer is a resounding YES!

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