East Pleasanton


The Pleasanton General Plan calls for preparation of a specific plan for East Pleasanton in order to provide detailed planning guidance for this area where sand and gravel extraction has ceased.

  • The approximately 1,000-acre Plan Area is located generally east of Valley Avenue and Busch Road and north of Stanley Boulevard. 
  • Existing land uses within the Plan Area consist of the Pleasanton Garbage Service Transfer Station and Recycling Center, the City’s Operations Services Center, some remaining storage of materials on the Kiewit site, three former quarry lakes, and vacant land.

In July 2012, the City Council confirmed an 18-member East Pleasanton Specific Plan Task Force to coordinate public input into the Specific Plan process, and to make recommendations for future land use and circulation in the area, and to make recommendations for providing and financing needed infrastructure.

The Task Force was composed of:

  • 2 Planning Commissioners
  • 1 Housing Commissioner
  • 1 Parks and Recreation Commissioner
  • 2 Major Property Owners (Kiewit and Lionstone Group)
  • 1 Zone 7 Water Agency representative
  • 6 Neighborhood Representatives selected as follows: one from Ironwood; one from The Village at Ironwood (Active Adult Community); one from the Autumn Glen/Heritage Valley neighborhood; one from Danbury Park; one from Stoneridge Park; and one from the Mohr/Martin neighborhood
  • 5 Residents-At-Large, selected by the City Council

For additional information on this project, please contact Shweta Bonn, Senior Planner, by phone at 925-931-5611 or by email at sbonn@cityofpleasantonca.gov.

To be added to the email list for regular updates, please contact Kendall Granucci, Office Manager, at kgranucci@cityofpleasantonca.gov


Three Neighborhood Meetings were held to receive comments on the Draft Specific Plan.  Please click here for details on the Neighborhood Meetings.

In June, 2015, City Council directed staff (and the East Pleasanton Task Force) to stop work on the East Pleasanton Specific Plan; Council adopted Resolution No. 15-766 to formalize the action. The decision to stop all work on the plan and environmental documentation was based on concern about the ongoing drought, traffic impacts, school capacity, and appropriately metering growth in the City. Any future decision to restart the East Pleasanton Specific Plan process shall occur as part of the regular City Council priority setting meetings.


Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for East Pleasanton Specific Plan, April 2015 with Appendices

Notice of Preparation (NOP) of EIR for East Pleasanton Specific Plan

RESPONSES to NOP of EIR for East Pleasanton Specific Plan

Staff Report, NOP Scoping Meeting, November 13, 2013 Planning Commission

Excerpt Minutes, NOP Scoping Meeting, November 13, 2013 Planning Commission

East Pleasanton Specific Plan Map

East Pleasanton Specific Plan Task Force

Draft Documents