**Updated 04.29.2020**

Due to the State and Alameda County Health Department shelter in place order, we will have limited services until May 31, 2020. We are available to answer your zoning, land use and development questions at During this time, the Planning Division will only be accepting electronic submittals. Please visit the Electronic Planning Submittal page for more information. Thank you for your patience during this time.




The Planning Division is primarily responsible for the following:

  • Advance Planning: Assisting the Planning Commission and the City Council with planning for the city's future development
  • Current Planning: Reviewing proposed development projects for conformance with the city's adopted policies and ordinances

Advance Planning

  • Responsible for preparing the City’s General Plan, the “blueprint” for the long range development and conservation of the City 
  • Preparing specific plans that provide a framework for development in focused areas of the city
  • Preparing development standards and guidelines that address specific issues and areas

Current Planning

  • Serves as the point of entry for development proposals and provides assistance to architects, designers, developers, builders, and residents navigating the development process
  • Processing of new development applications including the review of preliminary plans, holding hearings for the public’s review and comment on the proposals
  • Overseeing the implementation of the development to ensure that it is constructed in accordance with all city requirements

What's New:

    For information about new development undergoing review or how to make improvements to a property (house additions, new fences, pools, etc.), contact us