Livermore Airport Project

The City of Livermore is currently reviewing a proposal from KaiserAir to add a new phased fixed-base operator facility on a 45-acre parcel at the airport. When completed, the facility would include a 6.5-acre concrete apron, offices, a terminal, hangar space, maintenance service facilities, a self-fueling station, and fuel storage facilities. KaiserAir states that they intend to use the facility to store and service aircraft that they use to provide charter flights out of Oakland and Sonoma County airports. More detail regarding the proposal is provided in the attached staff report of the Livermore Airport Commission. Additional information about the proposal is also provided in the FAQs below provided by the City of Livermore in response to the concerns of Pleasanton, Livermore, and Dublin residents. Note that regular commercial passenger flight service is not permitted out of Livermore Airport.

KaiserAir has committed to adhering to the airport’s Voluntary Restraint from Night Flying, and will be an active participant in mitigating noise impacts. In addition, all aircraft going into or out of the Livermore Airport are encouraged to adhere to the Visual Flight Rules (VFR) procedures as illustrated in the attachment to the right.  

Review Process

The proposal requires review by three different Livermore government bodies. The Livermore Airport Commission reviewed the project on February 8, 2021 and voted to recommend approval of the project to the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission will review the project for compliance with relevant City design standards and land use policies (similar to other development proposals). The review by the Planning Commission has not yet been scheduled. The project must also go to the Livermore City Council for review and consideration of the lease of the land to KaiserAir. This will not occur until after the Planning Commission review and therefore it also has not been scheduled. Both the Planning Commission and City Council Meetings will be well advertised and open to the public, and will be added to this website page as soon as they are scheduled.

City of Pleasanton Advocacy 

In addition to participating in the City of Livermore public meetings, City of Pleasanton staff have requested a meeting of the Livermore-Pleasanton Liaison Committee to discuss the project and its potential impacts to our community. This forum was used to facilitate similar dialogue between the Cities on airport-related issues (including noise monitoring) in the past. It consists of two Council members from each of the two cities. This meeting is anticipated to occur prior to the Planning Commission hearing, and will provide the public with an opportunity to voice concerns.

In addition to the review process, the Cities of Pleasanton and Livermore will be working together to monitor noise levels in residential neighborhoods throughout the Tr-Valley.  

Recent Flight Activity

In recent weeks, after the news of the Kaiser Air proposal was reported in the news, the cities of Dublin, Pleasanton, and Livermore have all experienced a large increase in complaints about airport noise and non-compliance with the City of Livermore's voluntary noise reductions policies. Compliance with these policies is "voluntary" because FAA regulations prohibit the enforcement of any local requirements beyond those imposed by the FAA. However, the City of Livermore has had some success with convincing users of the airport to comply. The City has also heard from residents that flights to and from the airport have significantly increased. The number of operations (i.e., either a take-off or landing) in the last five years is provided below: the number of operations has been increasing with the exception of 2020, however there are fewer operations in and out of the airport than in other previous years (e.g., over 282,000 operations in the early 1990s.) 

  • 2020: 145,056 flights
  • 2019: 160,746 flights
  • 2018: 145,980 flights
  • 2017: 130,656 flights
  • 2016: 118,099 flights
  • 2015: 117,708 flights

Supporting Documents

Agenda Report & Resolution: Joint Cooperative Efforts between Cities of Pleasanton and Livermore regarding Livermore Airport • September 21, 2010

Noise Studies