Account Notices - Text Message

Send and receive text messages to manage your library account and link multiple cards to a single phone number!  All courtesy of Shoutbomb SMS (standard message rates apply).

To register for text messaging:

  1. Open a blank text message on your phone and enter the number 833-403-0519 in the "To:" field
  2. In the message field, send this text: SIGNUP+librarycardnumber+PIN (the plus signs must be included with no spaces)

(Sample: SIGNUP+21999001234567+1234)

You will receive three welcome messages introducing you to the service

  • If you forgot your PIN you can request a new one by clicking here.

Please note:

  • When you text the library it can take 30-60 seconds to receive a response
  • We recommend naming our 833 number on your phone as "Pleasanton Library SMS" 

Below is a list of keywords you can text to the Library.  For more detailed instructions of any keyword, text HELP, space, then the keyword.

  • ADDCARD+librarycardnumber+PIN = Register another card to receive notifications
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS = Start/stop events and closures notifications
  • CXH = Cancels selected holds
  • DROPCARD+librarycardnumber = Remove a card from receiving notifications
  • FEES = Start/stop fees notifications
  • HELP = Describes each keyword and its function
  • HL = Display a list of items ready for pickup
  • HOLDS = Start/stop holds notifications
  • IOWEU = Display fines
  • MYBOOKS = Display your checkouts, holds, and fees
  • MYCARDS = Display card(s) linked to your phone
  • NF = Stop fee notifications 
  • NOTICES = Display status of all notifications 
  • OA = Attempts to renew any eligible overdue items
  • OI = Displays a list of overdue items that are ineligible for renewal
  • OL = Displays a list of all overdue items
  • OVERDUE = Start/stop overdue notifications
  • OW = Display a list of reasons why an overdue item is ineligible for renewal
  • QUIT+librarycardnumber+PIN = Cancel receiving all notifications
  • RA = Renew all eligible items
  • RENEW = Start/stop renewal notifications
  • RESEND = Resends previous message
  • RI = Display a list of items ineligible for renewal
  • RL = Display a list of all items eligible for renewal
  • RW = Display a list of reasons why an item was ineligible for renewal
  • STOP = Deletes your phone number from the SMS system
  • SWITCHPHONE = Change the phone number receiving notifications
  • YF = Start fee notifications