Pleasanton Library Remodel

Pleasanton Library Remodel

Bid Opening:      2 PM, Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The City is seeking bids for the Pleasanton Library Remodel Project. This work includes demolition and new construction within a 3,234 square-foot area of the existing 30,302 square-foot library on the site located at 400 Old Bernal Road, Pleasanton, Ca. The remodel will create functional office space for library staff. The library outside the remodel area will remain operational and open to the public during the remodel work, and construction of temporary barricades will be a part of the required scope of work.


The links below, “Construction Docs” and “Specifications,” provide all details necessary to submit a bid for the Pleasanton Library Remodel Project. If an addendum is issued for the project during the bidding period, it will be available on this webpage at least 72-hours before bids are due. The addendum(s), if issued, must be acknowledged by a general contractor submitting a bid as required in the bid documents.


The construction cost estimate for the project is $1.1M


Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting

There is a requirement that prospective bidders attend and register at a mandatory pre-bid meeting for this project. A bid received from a bidder that did not attend a pre-bid meeting will be deemed non-responsive. Pre-bid meetings will be held at the library, 400 Old Bernal Road, Pleasanton Ca on Friday, October 4, and Friday, October 11, at 10:00 am. Bidders need only attend one of the meetings. The project architect will be available at each of these meetings to answer questions or provide clarifications. It will also provide an opportunity for prospective bidder to walk the existing library. A link to a list of those that attended the Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting will be available at the bottom of the bid documents below.

Construction Docs


Library Remodel Pre-Bid Attendee List 2019-Oct-04

Library Remodel Pre-Bid Attendee List 2019-Oct-11

Bid Results - Copy of 3 lowest bids