Residential Buildings

General Requirements

Plans must be wet signed by the designer. If the designer is a licensed architect or civil engineer, then a professional stamp must be affixed to the plans as well. If the design professional does not wish to sign the plans on the first round of plan check they may annotate the plans "Not for Construction, Plan Check Only", and the plans can be accepted without a signature. An Application for Building and Safety Division Permits form must be filled out and accompany all plan submittals.

  1. New residential construction or additions
    • 6 complete sets of plans (new construction).
    • 4 complete sets of plans (remodels/additions).
      • Architectural (floor plans, elevations, etc.)
      • Green Building Checklist
      • Civil Grading and Drainage
      • Landscape and Irrigation
      • Structural
      • Erosion Control
    • 2 sets of structural calculations.
    • 2 sets of Title 24 energy calculations.
    • 2 copies of the Soils Report or site-specific letter from a licensed Soils Engineer.
    • A copy of the Building Permit Questionnaire provided by the Planning Department must be filled out, signed and submitted with the plan check documents. Contact the City Planning Department for a copy of this questionnaire at 925-931-5600.
    • Zone 7 Drainage form.
    • Payment of the plan check fee.
  2. Remodel and or modifications to existing residential structures

    Plans for various types of remodeling (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) or modifications to existing structures (skylights, changing window types, etc.) may be required on a case by case bases. Contact the Building and Safety Division at 925-931-5300 for specifics.

  3. Resubmittals

    Resubmittal requirements are noted on the correction list. Generally, the requirements are 3 sets of revised plans with all changes and modifications annotated in some way (clouded and accompanied by a delta number). Two sets of any supplemental or revised structural and energy calculations. If only revised plan sheets are proposed to be resubmitted, the applicant is responsible for collating these pages into the existing sets of plans. Please contact Building & Safety Division ahead of your visit and we can have the existing sets of plans ready for you.

  4. Digital Plan Submittal Requirements

    The City requires that owners or their designated representatives of all new commercial, multi-family, and condominium development submit as-built building and site plan information to the Building Department in a digital format. The computerized information must be submitted to the City of Pleasanton’s Building Division and Geographic Information Services (GIS) before calling for a permit final inspection. This information will be used for public safety and emergency response planning by the City’s police and fire departments. Please refer to Digital Plan Submittal Requirements for additional information, including necessary data and file formatting requirements.