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The Pleasanton Police Department receives thousands of animal related calls each year.  The primary responsibilities of the Department’s Animal Services Officer is public safety, animal protection, and animal complaint resolution. These goals are accomplished through a combination of education and the enforcement of municipal and state laws pertaining to animals. Animal Service officers perform a variety of field services, which include:

  • Patrol city streets and parks to ensure compliance with animal laws.
  • Impound stray, sick, or injured domestic animal and wildlife.
  • Enforce the Pleasanton Municipal Code (i.e. dog licensing, leash law, sanitation, etc.).
  • Complete animal bite reports and quarantine biting animals.
  • Respond to animal complaints (i.e. barking dogs, stray animals, nuisance wildlife, etc.).
  • Investigate reports of aggressive animals.
  • Investigate reports of animal neglect or abuse.
  • Pick up and disposal of dead animals on public roadways.
  • Dog bite prevention education.
  • Humane education.
  • Responsible pet ownership education.


Online Reporting

The Police Department now offers residents the ability to report Nuisance Animal issues online. (Examples of common issues that can be reported online include barking dogs, lost animals, etc.)

If the incident you are reporting is of an emergency nature or requires immediate attention please contact us at (925) 931-5100 or (925) 931-5122 instead of reporting the incident online. Online reporting should only be used to report incidents that do not require immediate attention as the reporting system is not continuously monitored by police personnel.

Your report will be sent directly to the Animal Services Unit Supervisor for review and assignment.  A copy of this report will not be permanently retained by our agency after the incident has been addressed by staff. Your submission of Animal related incidents is considered informational and helps the Police Department address reoccurring issues.  If you require a formal complaint please contact the Police Department at (925) 931-5100.


Be advised that intentionally making a false police reports is a violation of California law and is subject to both criminal and civil penalties.

Click here to report an Animal related issue



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