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Moving Up

I Was a Third Grade Science Project by Mary Jane Auch

(96 pages)

While trying to hypnotize his dog for the third grade science fair, Brian accidentally makes his best friend Josh think he's a cat.


The Silver Balloon by Susan Bonners

(71 pages)

A young boy makes an unusual friendship by releasing a balloon with his name and address attached.


Hot Fudge Hero by Pat Brisson

(72 pages)

In each of three episodes which involve either an unfriendly neighbor, his sister, or his mom, Bertie succeeds in being rewarded with his favorite,

a hot fudge sundae.


The Stories Julian Tells by Ann Cameron

(71 pages) First in a series

Julian is a quick fibber and a wishful thinker. And he is great at telling stories. He can make people — especially his younger brother, Huey — believe just about anything. But some stories can lead to a heap of trouble, and that's exactly where Julian and Huey end up!  


Virtual Cody by Betsy Duffey

(83 pages)

Cody and his classmates in the third grade are having fun reporting on the origin of their names, but Cody is not thrilled when he discovers the story behind his name.


A Toad for Tuesday by Russell Erickson

(63 pages)

On Thursday a toad is captured by an owl who saves him to eat on Tuesday, the owl's birthday, but the intervening five days change his mind.


The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes

(80 pages)

None of her classmates pay much attention to Wanda Petronski until she announces she has 100 dresses in her closet. Everyone makes fun of her, but when she stops coming to school, her classmates discover something about teasing and themselves.


Three Tales of My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett

(241 pages)

A compilation of three tales relate the fantastic adventures of Elmer Elevator and a baby flying dragon named Boris.


Owen Foote, Mighty Scientist by Stephanie Greene

(90 pages) Owen Foote series

Third grade best friends Owen and Joseph struggle to come up with a great science fair project that they will both enjoy doing, then something goes wrong and they have to change their plans two days before the fair.


Dude, Where’s My Spaceship? by Dan Greenburg

(81 pages) Weird Planet series

When their spaceship crash lands on Earth, Ploo is captured by the Army and taken to the mysterious

Area 51. While her brothers, Lek and Klatu, try to rescue her, Ploo uses her ESP to make a new friend.


Sami and The Time of The Troubles by Florence Parry Heide

(31 pages)

A ten-year-old Lebanese boy goes about his daily life when bombs begin falling and fighting starts on his street.


Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt by Deborah Hopkinson

(32 pages)

Clara’s quilt is actually the map of an escape route from slavery.


The Iron Giant by Ted Hughes

(79 pages) Audiobook available

The fearsome iron giant becomes a hero when aliens invade and he saves the day.


Winnie Dancing on Her Own by Jennifer Jacobsen

(84 pages) First in a series

Winnie is worried when her best friends Zoe and Vanessa enroll her in ballet classes with them, since she would rather go to the library and read like they always do.


Martin Bridge, On the Lookout by Jessica Scott Kerrin

(142 pages) Martin Bridge series

Meet Martin Bridge, a boy whose plans for a late birthday gift, a shared lunch, and a search for the school's escaped pet parakeet go terribly wrong.


Horrible Harry Moves Up to Third Grade by Suzy Kline

(58 pages) Horrible Harry series

Horrible Harry and friends start off third grade with a new room and a field trip to an old copper mine to study rocks.


Catwings by Ursula K. Le Guin

(39 pages) First in a series

Four young cats with wings leave the slums of the city in search of a place in the country.


Bobbin Girl by Emily Arnold McCully

(30 pages)

A ten–year-old bobbin girl working in a textile mill in the 1830’s must decide if she will join the strike.


Third Grade Stinks! by Colleen O’Shaughnessy McKenna

(99 pages)

Gordie loves his third grade teacher, but sharing a locker with a girl instead of his best friend and trouble with a school bully may ruin his best year ever.


Sly the Sleuth and the Pet Mysteries by Donna Jo Napoli and Robert Furrow

(92 pages)

Sly the Sleuth, also known as Sylvia, solves three mysteries for her friends and neighbors, all involving pets, through her detective agency, Sleuth for Hire.


Anyone Can Eat Squid by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

(76 pages)

Sarah longs to find a way to be someone special, and when her friend’s Chinese restaurant needs customers, she finds a special way to save it.


The Ink Drinker by Eric Sanvoisin

(35 pages) First in a series

A boy who hates books discovers an ink-drinking vampire and follows him to his underground vault.


Minty: A Story of Young Harriet Tubman by Alan Schroeder

(37 pages)

Young Harriet Tubman, whose childhood name was Minty, dreams of escaping slavery on the Brodas plantation in the late 1820s.


Knights of the Kitchen Table by Jon Scieszka

(55 pages) Time Warp Trio series

Joe receives a magic book for his birthday present from his uncle. Joe, Fred, and Sam are transported to a time when evil knights, fire-breathing dragons, and vile-smelling giants roamed the land.


The Pizza Monster by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat and Mitchell Sharmat

(73 pages) Olivia Sharp, Nate the Great’s Cousin series

Wealthy secret agent Olivia Sharp helps depressed Duncan find a friend.


The Skirt by Gary Soto

(74 pages)

When Miata leaves her skirt on the school bus, she needs all her wits to get it back without her parents finding out that she has lost something  “yet again.”


Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters by John Steptoe

(32 pages)

Mufaro's two beautiful daughters, one bad-tempered, one kind and sweet, go before the king, who is choosing a wife.




The Big Bazoohley by Peter Carey

(135 pages)

When his family runs low on funds while on a trip to Toronto, nine-year-old Sam allows himself to be “borrowed” and entered in a contest to find the Perfecto Kiddo, hoping to win $10,000.


The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary

(158 pages) First in a series

A reckless young mouse named Ralph makes friends with a boy in room 215 of the Mountain View Inn and discovers the joys of motorcycling.


Ramona Forever by Beverly Cleary

(182 pages)

Ramona's year in third grade is highlighted by the arrival of Howie's rich uncle, a change in her after-school situation, a surprise wedding, a death and a new arrival in the family, and her father's getting a job.


Sees Behind Trees by Michael Dorris

(104 pages)

A Native American boy with a special gift to "see" beyond his poor eyesight journeys with an old warrior to a land of mystery and beauty.


The Classroom at the End of the Hall by Douglas Evans

(132 pages)

Strange things are happening in the classroom at the end of the hall, like a chalk dust genie that appears while the erasers are being cleaned, and the new art teacher who resembles a stick figure.


Mallory Vs. Max by Laurie Friedman

(159 pages) Third in a series

Eight-year-old Mallory feels left out when her older brother, Max, gets a dog that becomes the center of attention.


Emma Dilemma and the New Nanny by Patricia Hermes

(106 pages)

Emma tries to make her parents understand that, although their beloved new nanny has made a few mistakes, no one can behave perfectly responsibly all the time.


The Puupy Sister by S. E. Hinton

(122 pages)

A young boy is astonished when his new puppy begins to change into a human girl.


Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery by Deborah and James Howe

(98 pages) Audiobook available — First in a series

Though scoffed at by Harold the dog, Chester the cat tries to warn his human family that their foundling baby bunny must be a vampire.


Class Clown by Johanna Hurwitz

(98 pages) Audiobook available

Lucas Cott, the most obstreperous boy in the third grade, finds it very hard to turn over a new leaf when he decides to become the perfect student.


Babe: the Gallant Pig by Dick King-Smith

(118 pages) Audiobook available

A piglet destined for eventual butchering arrives at the farmyard, is adopted by an old sheep dog, and discovers a special secret to success.


The Gold-Threaded Dress by Carolyn Marsden

(73 pages) Sequel: The Quail Club

When Oy and her Thai American family move to a new neighborhood, her third-grade classmates tease and exclude her because she is different.


Homer Price by Robert McCloskey

(149 pages)

This book relates six episodes in the life of Homer Price, including one in which he and his pet skunk capture four bandits and another about a donut machine on the rampage.


I Hate Weddings by P. J. Petersen

(104 pages)

When Dan has to meet his new stepfamily and take part in his father's wedding, he finds that all sorts of horrible and embarrassing things happen to him.


All of a Kind Family by Sydney Taylor

(188 pages)

This book tells of the adventures of five sisters growing up in a Jewish family in New York City in the early 20th Century.


Picture Books

Danitra Brown, Class Clown by Nikki Grimes

In this story told in a series of rhyming poems, Zuri faces her fears about starting a new school year with the help of free-spirited best friend, Danitra.


A Day with Wilbur Robinson by William Joyce

While spending the day in the Robinson household, Wilbur's best friend joins in the search for Grandfather Robinson's missing false teeth and meets one wacky relative after another.


When Pigasso Met Mootisse by Nina Laden

Pigasso, a talented pig, and Mootisse, an artistic bull, live across the road from one another, but when conflicts arise they build fences that ultimately become modern art masterpieces. Includes biographies of the real-life artists, Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso.


Zen Shorts by John Muth

When Stillwater the bear moves into the neighborhood, the stories he tells to three siblings teach them to look at the world in new ways.


Mrs. Katz and Tush by Patricia Polacco

A friendship develops between a lonely Jewish woman and an African American boy when he gives her a kitten. 

Paperback Series

A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy

Amber Brown by Paula Danziger

American Girl by various authors

Bailey School Kids by Debbie Dadey

Barkley’s School for Dogs by Marcia Jones

Bionicle Adventures by Greg Farshtey

Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Capital Mysteries by Ron Roy

Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey

Cobble Street Cousins by Cynthia Rylant

Disney Fairies by various authors

Encyclopedia Brown by Donald J. Sobel

Horrible Harry by Suzy Kline

Jigsaw Jones by James Preller

Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park

The Littles by John Peterson

Magic School Bus by various authors

Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne

Nancy Drew Notebooks by Carolyn Keene

Pixie Tricks by Tracey West

Pony-Crazed Princess by Diana Kimpton

Rainbow Magic by Daisy Meadows

Ready Freddy by Abby Klein

Geronimo Stilton by Geronimo Stilton

Secrets of Droon by Tony Abbott

The Unicorns of Balinor by Mary Stanton

The Unicorn’s Secret by Kathleen Duey