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Water Main to be Replaced Along Main Street

Traffic Disruptions Along Main Street-Alternate Routes Advised

PLEASANTON, Calif. — The City of Pleasanton would like to alert residents and commuters that  crews will begin working to replace the old water main along Main Street in downtown, Pleasanton beginning on Thursday, January 11, 2018. Traffic impacts are expected downtown, particularly on  Main Street, so please consider alternate routes while this necessary work is being done.

Initial work beginning on January 11 will include making excavations to determine exact location  and depth of existing utilities (gas lines, sewer lines, etc.) prior to pipeline installation, which is  slated to begin sometime around January 18. Crews will begin pipeline installation at the bridge  over the Arroyo Del Valle and then head south to Saint Mary Street. This part of the project will  likely be complete by the end of February, though additional work through the end of March will  occur as customers along Main Street are connected to the new pipeline, and the old pipeline is  taken out of service. Work will begin each morning at 6 a.m. Monday through Friday. By 4 p.m.  each day all parking restrictions will be removed and the street opened restored for traffic.  

This work will unavoidably impact traffic and parking in the downtown area. However, the existing  pipeline is approximately 70-years and in danger of failing, so the work must be performed to  ensure uninterrupted water service downtown. Timing of the project has been scheduled to occur  during the slower winter months from January through March, though delays are possible at this  time of year due to inclement weather.  

During the summer, Main Street from the bridge over the Arroyo Del Valle south to Bernal Avenue  will be repaved so all evidence of the water pipeline excavation will be gone and the street will  appear new.  

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding while we work  to improve our community. Please watch for and obey all construction traffic control signs and  construction flaggers for your own safety and those performing the work in the street. For more  information, please contact Director of Engineering, Steve Kirkpatrick, at 925-931-5676 or via  email at  

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