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Pleasanton Announces 2015 Community Survey Results

97% of Residents State Pleasanton is Excellent to Good

Pleasanton is pleased to announce the results of its most recent Community Survey. Conducted between June 3 and June 15, 2015, the phone survey was the 5th of its kind for the City since 1995 and was conducted by Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates (FM3), a public opinion research and strategy group.

"We believe it is very important to take the pulse of our community on a regular basis to make sure residents are satisfied with the service they receive. Our goal is to sustain the highest possible standard for Pleasanton residents" said Nelson Fialho, City Manager for the City of Pleasanton. "And if there are some gaps in service, this survey helps us identify those."

Pleasanton provides a multitude of public services, from police and fire protection, the library, recreational activities, and park and open space development and maintenance. The City also provides the equally important delivery of water and sewer services, as well as traffic engineering.

"We began surveying our community in ’95 because we wanted to create a long-term view of both community need and overall satisfaction. Once we established a baseline, we followed up every 3 years or so. Just as employees receive performance evaluations, so too should the City," Fialho said, adding "and we are very pleased with the outcome."

The primary aim for the outreach was to determine resident satisfaction and overall public opinion regarding City services. In addition, quality of life questions were asked as was a ranking of top concerns. Customer service interface issues, such as professionalism, courtesy and knowledge were included as well.

The key findings of the survey indicate that:

• residents continue to express exceptionally high levels of satisfaction with the local quality of life, city services and sense of public safety

• the drought and water issues are emerging top concerns

• growth has emerged as an issue of concern

• satisfaction levels are the highest for public safety, library services, parks/recreation and sewer services

• residents continue to have very positive interactions with City employees

Some specific survey questions found that:

• 97% of residents indicate that Pleasanton is a good to excellent place to live

• quality of life ratings are among the highest in the State

• 98% of parents say Pleasanton is a good to excellent place to raise children

• 99% of residents continue to feel safer living in Pleasanton

• the pace of growth and the drought are seen as emerging top concerns in Pleasanton, similar to other cities surveyed throughout the State

• 81% of residents are satisfied with the quality of development, notwithstanding the pace of development

• Pleasanton ranked #1 amongst other comparably-sized cities regarding satisfaction with providing services to residents

The Pleasanton City Council voted unanimously in support of the survey results. View the City of Pleasanton 2015 Community Survey here.

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About the City of Pleasanton

The City of Pleasanton is a vibrant Northern California community of 70,000 residents situated at the crossroads of Interstates 580 and 680, in close proximity to the San Francisco and San Jose metropolitan areas. The city’s location has historical significance as a major trading route of early Native Americans and later along the route of the First Transcontinental Railroad. Pleasanton is a major suburb identified by the U.S. Census as one of the wealthiest middle-sized cities in the nation and, in 2010, was included on Money Magazine’s list of the ‘100 Best Small Cities to Live in America.’ Among Pleasanton’s many attractions are an excellent school system, a highly educated workforce, 1,200 acres of parkland and recreational open space, a nationally recognized business park, a regional retail shopping mall, and a historic downtown district. For more information, please visit


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