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10 Quick Tips on How to Keep the Heat at Bay

  1. Drink More Water—think of your body as an air conditioner that needs refueling during these hot days

  2. Keep Excessive Sweat at Bay—wear plenty of loose-fitting cotton clothes

  3. If You Have a Ceiling Fan, Consider Running it Counter-Clockwise (the “summer” higher speed setting) if Possible

  4. Place Window Fan Facing Outward Instead of Inward—your room will stay cooler and you may sleep better as a result

  5. Keep Your Food Cool and Avoid Using the Oven—cold soups and salads make excellent choices during the heat

  6. Exercise Comfortably, Even in the Heat—you don’t have to stop exercising, but stay hydrated and avoid working out in the peak heat hours

  7. Cool Your Car Down Quickly—roll down one window, Then Open and close opposite door several times

  8. Stay Cool While You Sleep—cool your head with a special cooling pillow

  9. Know Your Body’s Best Cooling Points—apply ice cubes wrapped in a towel around your wrist and neck

  10. Optimize Your Windows—close windows and use insulated drapes during the day.



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