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City Council Agenda

City Council Agenda

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

7:00 p.m.

City Council Chamber

200 Old Bernal Avenue


• Pledge of Allegiance
• Introductory remarks by Councilmember Thorne
• Roll Call


Addendum to Agenda

CONSENT CALENDAR – Items listed on the consent calendar are considered routine in nature and may be enacted by one motion. If discussion is required, that particular item will be removed from the consent calendar and will be considered separately.

Administrative Services

1. Approve regular meeting minutes of May 15, 2007 and workshop minutes of April 24, 2007

City Attorney

2. Waive second reading and adopt Ordinance 1955 adding Chapter 6.18 to the Pleasanton Municipal Code prohibiting the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries


3. Approve Fiscal Year 2007-08 Recurring (Open) Purchase Order Agreements

4. Adopt a resolution accepting the Third Quarter 2006-07 Financial Report of the Operating Budget and amend the 2006-07 Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Program


5. Approve agreement with Premier Comp Medical Group for Fire Department Wellness-Fitness Program in the amount of $85,000 for fiscal year 2007-08, and $90,000 in fiscal year 2008-09

6. Adopt a resolution authorizing the Fire Department to hire experienced Firefighters from the California Displaced Firefighter List

Parks & Community Services

7. Appoint Martha Meltzer as City Poet Laureate for 2007-09


8. Accept or appeal actions of the Zoning Administrator and Planning Commission

9. Public Hearing: PUD-93-02-09M/PCUP-182, Barnabas Nagy – Consider an application for a major modification to the Ruby Hill PUD development plan to relocate the existing sales office building on Ruby Hill Boulevard northwesterly along Vineyard Avenue, change the existing office use to restaurant use, revise the configuration of the existing parking lot, establish a new driveway off of Vineyard Avenue, and establish a pad location and design guidelines for a future single-family residence; and for a conditional use permit to allow alcoholic beverage service at the restaurant after 10:00 p.m. The property is located at 2001 Ruby Hill Boulevard and is zoned PUD/OS/A/LDR (Planned Unit Development/Open Space/Agriculture/Low Density Residential) District. Also consider the Negative Declaration prepared for the project. (Attachment 5) (Attachment 6-8) (Attachment 9) (Attachment 10-11)

10. Waive second reading and adopt Ordinance 1954 approving an application for a PUD rezoning and development plan approval as filed under case PUD-61 Emil Oxsen and Kathleen Morrison

11. Adopt a resolution authorizing submittal of an application for designation as a priority development area under the Association of Bay Area Governments’ “Focusing our Vision” (Focus) Program

Public Works

12. Public Hearing: Adopt a resolution approving 2007-2008 annual assessments for Landscape and Lighting Maintenance Districts (1984-1) (Ponderosa); 1993-1 (Windsor); 1993-2 (Bonde Ranch); 1994-1 (Oak Tree Farm); and 1995-1 (Moller Ranch)

13. Approve plans and specifications, review bids and award contract to Vanguard Construction in the amount of $247,850 for Annual Curb and Gutter Replacements, CIP No. 065009

14. Approve plans and specifications, review bids and award contract to California Pavement Maintenance Company in the amount of $218,630, for Annual Slurry Sealing of Various City Streets, CIP No. 065004

15. Approve on-call consulting contracts for surveying and drafting services with the firms of BKF Engineers and Kier & Wright, Civil Engineers and Surveyors, Inc.

16. Approve on-call consultant contracts for geotechnical and material testing services with the firms of Construction Testing Services, BSK Associates and ENGEO Incorporated

17. Accept public improvements performed by HSR General Engineering Contractors Inc. for the Bernal Creek Restoration Project, CIP No. 037049

18. Accept public improvements for Tract 7193, Sycamore Heights (Summerhill Homes)


19. Public Comment from the audience regarding items not listed on the agenda – Comments are limited to 5 minutes, and you will be asked to state your name and city of residence


20. Presentation of the results of the Community Satisfaction Survey (Attachment)

21. Joint City Council and Pleasanton Library Board of Trustees Public Hearing: Consider a resolution approving the 2007-08/2008-09 Operating Budget and the 2007-08 Community Development Block Grant Program

22. Public Hearing: Consider a resolution approving the 2007/08 though 2010/11 Capital Improvement Program Budget

23. Review and consider the Draft Subregional Planning Element of the General Plan (Attachment) (Attachment 1) (Attachment 2) (Attachment 3)



24. Brief reports on conferences, seminars, and meetings attended by the Mayor and City Council



There is a 90-day limit for the filing of a challenge in the Superior Court to certain City administrative decisions and orders, which require a hearing by law, the receipt of evidence, and the exercise of discretion.  The 90-day limit begins on the date the decision is final (Code of Civil Procedure § 1094.6).  Further, if you challenge an action taken by the City Council in court, you may be limited, by California law, including but not limited to Government Code §65009, to raising only those issues you or someone else raised in the public hearing, or in written correspondence delivered to the City Council prior to or at the public hearing.  The City Council may be requested to reconsider a decision if the request is made prior to the next City Council meeting, regardless of whether it is a regular or special meeting.  For information on the next regular or special City Council meeting, please call 925.931.5027 or visit the website at


Accessible Public Meetings

The City of Pleasanton will provide special assistance for disabled citizens to participate in public meetings upon advance notice.  If you need an auxiliary hearing aid or sign language assistance at least two working days advanced notice is necessary.  Please contact the City Clerk’s Office, PO Box 520, Pleasanton, CA 94566 or 925.931.5027 or




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