Downtown WiFi

Access to fast and reliable digital infrastructure has quickly become a necessity that many rely on during their day-to-day lives. Whether at home or at the local coffee shop, being able to connect to the web and access online services is a need that the community has expressed as being important in how they work and play in downtown Pleasanton.

To reach this goal of enhanced connectivity, the City of Pleasanton has installed several wireless nodes that will provide fast, free wireless internet to much of our downtown area. The initial roll-out of this new community amenity is focused around Main St. and many of its auxiliary roadways; as more nodes are installed, the wireless network will expand to ultimately cover the entire downtown area. Additionally, this network will facilitate future smart city initiatives and strategies and allowing for private, secure access for public safety purposes and field staff working with mobile devices.

Downtown WiFi Coverage Map

City staff has also planned a collaborative effort with Pleasanton Unified School District for opportunities requiring network access and high-speed Internet access for the students of Pleasanton schools.Since the service has been installed, an average of 5300 daily devices have accessed the network, which will enable a better and more connected downtown experience for Pleasanton residents and visitors alike.