Pleasanton Trails Master Plan

 About the Trails Master Plan

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The City has updated the Community Trails Master Plan of 1993 to reflect the current conditions within the City, identify all proposed trails as indicated in previously adopted documents (such as the Downtown Specific Plan), and lay the foundation for future trail standards and development.

The plan will prioritizes trail projects, identifies gaps within our trail system, and identifies costs associated with the proposed trails. A significant amount of development has occurred over the last 25 years since the previous Trails Master Plan was adopted and the plan will help plan trail development over the next 25 years!

City of Pleasanton Trail Maps

East Bay Regional Park District Maps


A complete city trail system that allows access to nature and recreation for the entire community


  1. Accommodate the full range of trail use interest, including walking, hiking, running, strollers, wheelchairs, dog walking, road bicycles, mountain bicycles, and horses
  2. Create trails that can be well maintained and managed for sustainability, enjoyability, safety, and compatibility with surroundings
  3. Minimize conflicts between trail users by designating appropriate uses for different trails and designing facilities that accommodate multiple users well

Thanks to all of our Commissioners, Committee members and citizens for your participation on the Trails Master Plan!

With your engagement, we have compiled a comprehensive plan that will be useful for years to come. Please hike a trail and share your experience!

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