Following the success of parklet pop-ups during the COVID-19 pandemic, the City Council adopted a formal parklet program on December 21, 2021 with further clarification provided on January 4, 2022. The parklet program allows for outdoor dining areas and other business activities within the public right-of-way on a longer-term basis, with guidelines established to address aesthetics, traffic and utility conflicts and parklet operations.


In Pleasanton, parklets primary purpose is to benefit the public by providing a space for eating, relaxing and connecting with friends and family. Parklets will also support local businesses by enhancing the pedestrian environment, encouraging traffic calming and improving accessibility to businesses.


The City Council has approved a standard parklet design which may be used in approved locations. This standard design will be available in April. The pre-approved plans meet the Parklet Design Guidelines and provide a streamlined approval process. An applicant may opt to submit an alternate or custom design that meets the Parklet Design Guidelines subject to Design Review. The submittal requirements handout will assist applicants in submitting the necessary documents.


The Downtown Parklet Grant Program provides financial assistance to eating establishments and retailers in the Downtown district interested in providing an outdoor area for dining or shopping. The program will reimburse eligible expenses incurred by the business related to the approved parklet. See the City's Parklet Grant page for eligibility & requirements, eligible expenses, application process, and review process.


Parklet Documents:

Parklet Application Handout - Design Review (Alternate or custom design)

Parklet Application Handout - Standard Design

Standard Parklet Design Package (large file)

Parklet Design Guidelines

Parklet Location Eligibility Map

Adjacent Business/Property Owner Approval Form